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SPSM-AB_21.4.1.0 Release Notes

Alberta Release Dates



Release Note



Intervention Plan

  • Moved the Electronic Signature area to its own section.
  • Modified the Staff area to include the ability for staff to sign electronically.
SPEDSM-36664PASI Forms and File Attachment Options
  • Modified PASI Document Load reports to include Finalization Date and Date File sent to PowerSchool SIS for PASI Upload.
  • Added a new section to the forms that display PASI Status.
  • Added the ability to resend a document in the form, PASI Status area.
  • Added PASI status on the student's document summary when "By Year" and "By Category" are selected for viewing.
  • Updated section actions, Section Behavior = "Always Omit when Generating PDF" to exclude sections in the PASI upload for Division 1-3 Learning Preferences Inventory, Grades 1-9 Interest Inventory, My Strengths Inventory, and My Child Through My Eyes (8 forms). If you wish to include these checklists, an administrator can unselect this behavior option.

Note: Administrators will need to do a one-time Manual Setup to indicate which documents are to be sent to PASI. Click on Administration, then Configuration, then Integration, then Export, and then + Add List Report Export Configuration for each form. For more information, refer to page 4 of the release announcement document. The release announcement includes a draft instruction document.

SPEDDEV-18218PASI Processing

Enhanced our Writeback architecture to submit metadata to the PowerSchool SIS, which will then communicate with PASI.

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