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SPSM-AB_21.8.1.0 Release Notes

Alberta Release Dates



Release Note

SPEDSM-45632IPP, Transition Planning, Other: Minor modifications

Updated the following changes to the IPP form:

  • The "Other Information" textbox on the Signature page is no longer required.
  • Added spacing to the team members selection area.
SPEDSM-42849ISP-A,B,C: Progress Notes

Modified the Progress Report entry to be available in Draft, Review, or Final mode.

SPEDSM-45637ISP-B: Combined Strengths and Subject Page

Made the following modifications for easier staff entry:

  • Strengths and Interests at the page footer. Updated to display the Subject strategies only to create the individual subject pages.

  • Moved the Strengths, Interests subject subcategories (for example, build, develop, etc.) to the individual Subject page (for example, Reading).

  • Individual Subject pages will now dynamically create rows based on multiple selections. For example, selecting the Reading subcategory = Build Background Knowledge, the additional checkboxes will now appear on the same screen.

SPEDSM-45639ISP-B: Minor modifications

Made the following modifications to the ISP-B form:

  • Removed extraneous text from the cover page.
  • Added the ability to enter multiple date fields on the Signature page.
SPEDSM-45638ISP-C: Signature Page

Added the ability to enter multiple date fields on the Signature page.

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