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SPSM-AB_24.4.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: April 29, 2024



Release Note


Individual Program Plan (IPP) - Cover Page

Added Functional Impact on Learning as a new text area to the IPP cover page.


Success in School Plan

The Contact and Responsibility Agreement section is made optional. This change applies to all in-progress and finalized documents.


Individualized Program Plan (IPP) - Progress Reporting

Users can use the Statements Bank to add comments on the goals in the Progress Reporting section.


Student Profile - Safety Plan (SP) Tag

  • The SP tag will be added to the Student profile if the Safety Plan checkbox on the Student Information profile, Identification/Placement, and Program Information section is selected. The system will remove the SP Tag once the user selects the No or NA checkbox for the Safety Plan.

  • The SP tag removal is independent of the Special Education Enrollment Start Date field.

  • The SP tag is added or removed when the update script Set Profile Tags is executed.


Success in School Plan

  • Added a new textbox below the Date field on the Successes/Results column to allow user-provider details for Successes/Results.

  • Updated to make the Contact and Responsibility Agreement section optional. This change will be applied to all in-progress and finalized documents.

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