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SPSM-AK_21.1.1.0 Release Notes

Alaska Release Dates



Release Note


Modified Caseloads so that students with an Enrollment End Date in the future can be now added to Caseloads.

SPEDSM-35284IEP: Consideration of Special Factors

Removed Language from the Special Factors list since it is also available in the Other Factors category.

SPEDSM-35885IEP > Cover Page

Added a checkbox to the Participants section of the IEP Cover Page to include the student as a participant. This option will be available regardless of the student's age.

SPEDSM-35270IEP: Measurable Annual Goal
  • Added a new field: 'Goal Area', that can be used to label Goals. This field will appear only in Edit mode.
  • Added an option to select state standards.

Note: In Template Properties, administrators can enable/disable the state standards from displaying in View/Print mode. The default behavior will be for standards to display in View/Print mode. If this option is changed, use the checkbox to apply the change to existing, non-finalized documents. If selected, the change will apply to existing, non-finalized documents when they are edited and saved.

SPEDSM-34011Invitation to Attend A Meeting

Fixed an issue where users could not provide the date/time for the proposed meeting.

SPEDSM-35299Secondary Transition document

In the Checklist section, if the first checkbox ("The following agencies were present and in agreement with the plan") is unselected, a 'N/A' checkbox is provided. If N/A is selected, N/A will flow to the 'Participating Agency Invited this Year' field in the Secondary Transition - Indicator 13 profile.

SPEDSM-34870Student Profile - Section 504

Added two new fields to the Student Profile -Section 504:

  • Annual Review Due Date
  • Re Eval Due Date
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