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SPSM-AK_21.2.1.0 Release Notes

Alaska Release Dates



Release Note

SPEDSM-36344Evaluation and Summary Eligibility Report

The system will no longer require “INFORMATION SUPPORTING THE ELIGIBILITY DECISION” when a student is not eligible.

SPEDSM-36343Evaluation and Summary Eligibility Report (ESER)

The ESER expiration date will be one day prior to a student's ninth birthday when the student's disability is Developmental Delay (C14). This change was made in order to be compliant.

SPEDSM-37803IEP: Special Education & Related Services/LRE

The following fields are no longer required:

  • Supervised by

  • Frequency of Supervision

SPEDSM-34727Inactive Students

Inactive student profiles will not be automatically purged from the system.

Note: Previously, inactive student profiles were automatically purged from the system after two years.

SPEDSM-31836Invitation to Participate in a Gifted Team Meeting

Fixed an issue where some parents' names and addresses were not displayed in the document even when those parents were marked to "Receive letters."

SPEDSM-38463Section 504 Profile

Updated the following calculations:

  • 504 Annual Review Date: One year minus one day from the Section 504 meeting date field.

  • 504 Re Eval Due Date: Three years minus one day from the Section 504 Elig meeting date.

SPEDSM-34958StaffPositions and PersonellPositions keyword tables

The InUse column in the StaffPositions and PersonnelPositionskeyword tables are now editable by Administrators. In any drop-down lists where those keyword tables are used, only keywords where InUse = “Yes” will be available to users.

SPEDSM-38151WithdrawalCode keyword table

The WithdrawalCode keyword table is now admin-editable. Administrators can now Add/Remove/Edit values in this keyword table. An example of where these values are used is: Enrolment exit reason.

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