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SPSM-AK_21.8.1.0 Release Notes

Alaska Release Dates



Release Note

SPEDSM-46332Consent for Evaluation

Added the Prior Written Notice section to the Consent for Evaluation document.

SPEDSM-46333Evaluation Summary and Eligibility Report (ESER)

Updated the following changes to the ESER:

  • Section 4 (Eligibility): The text "Does Not Qualify" only appears if either of the last two checkboxes is answered "No."
  • Section 5 (Education Need): The Educational Need section is now optional if the ESER results in "Does Not Qualify."
SPEDSM-46330IEP at a Glance

Fixed an issue where the IEP at a Glance section would not display the Goals occasionally.

SPEDSM-46329IEP: Secondary Transition

The "Person/Agency Responsible" field for the Specific Activities section is now a required field.

SPEDSM-46328IEP: State and District-Wide Assessment

Changed the label for each accommodation from "State Assessment" to "Accommodation" in the Assessments area.

Note: Each accommodation will appear as a bullet point in print mode.

SPEDSM-46331SpEd_Services keyword table

The SpEd_Services keyword table is now admin-editable.

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