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SPSM-AK_24.5.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: May 30, 2024



Release Note


Fall OASIS Updates

  • Added a new field for the Alaska Teacher Identification under the Staff Profile.

  • This field contains information on the teacher assigned to students in kindergarten to grade three in general education and self-contained special program classrooms.


Manifestation Determination Document

Turned off the automatic selection of the behavior determination criteria. Users are instead alerted that the determination does not align with the observations and can change them.


OASIS Summer 2024 Updates

Added the following elements to the OASIS Summer profile:

  • Early Education Program: Early education program attended by students in kindergarten to grade three.

  • Non-progression Reason: Reasons why a student in grades KG to three will not progress to the next grade in the following year.

  • Reasons Progressed: Means by which student progresses from grade three to four.

  • Reading Skills Demonstrated: How the student demonstrates sufficient reading skills to progress from grade three to four.

  • Non-proficiency Actions: What actions were taken by the parent/guardian or school officials when a student is not proficient on the literacy screener or alternative screener for students in grade three.

  • Mid-year Progression: Did a student who was in grades KG to three in the previous year and started the current year in the same grade progress to a higher grade between the first and last days of the school year?

  • First Year in Ninth Grade: This element identifies the year a student first attends ninth grade.


Report: State Assessment Accommodations

Modified the selection criteria to include the current statewide assessments: AK STAR, Alaska Science Assessment, and DLM-AA.

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