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SPSM-AL_21.7.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: July 30, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-46319Add additional logic to the status calculation

Corrected Status calculations for the following scenarios:

  • When a Student has selected Gifted Passed Screen as NO and Gifted Eligibility is blank and the Gifted Referral Date is not blank, then the status will be Inactive.
  • When a student has an IEP To Date {CurrentIEPEndDt} that is greater than or equal to the current date and Gifted Eligibility is selected NO, then the status will be Active.
SPEDSM-46318EL Status code description

Renamed EL Status description for the following codes:

  • Code 8 - from "Exited 4th Year Monitoring" to "Exited 3rd Year Monitoring."
  • Code 9 - from "Completed 2 Years Monitoring" to "Exited 4th Year Monitoring."
  • Code 5 - from "Exited 3rd Year Monitoring' to "Exited EL; no longer monitored."
SPEDSM-45754English Learner (EL) alert

Changed the field label from “ELL” to “EL.”

SPEDSM-46262Enrollment Exit Reason keyword table
  • Added the following codes to the Enrollment Exit Reason keyword table:
    • 16 Essentials/Life Skills Pathway
    • 17 Alt Achievement Standards (AAS)
    • 18 Non-Traditional High School Diploma Option (HSDO)
    • 9 Exited - GED document
    • 00 Exiting PK or Services
    • 10 Foreign Exchange - Non Degree
    • 19 Home School
    • 01 HS Diploma
    • 11 Completed Grade 12, Continuing IEP Services
    • 04 SP Graduation Certificate
    • P Promoted (Flag as not in use)
    • R Retained (Flag as not in use)
  • Removed the D13 Entered Military Service code from the Enrollment Exit Reason keyword table.
SPEDSM-46917Profile: Services - Add textbox for data migration

Added a textbox for the Service Details field within the following profiles for data migration:

  • Supplementary Services
  • Program Modifications
  • Accommodations Assessments
  • Assistive Technology
  • Support for Personnel
SPEDSM-46844Profile: Status - Add additional logic to include Inactive Status Reason
  • Added the "Inactive Status Reason" field to the status calculation. If the Inactive Status Reason field contains data, the status will be Inactive, unless Exceptionality is Gifted, Gifted Eligible is Yes, and the Special Education exit date contains data, then the status will be Active.
  • The "Referral for Evaluation Accepted:" and "Notice and Eligibility Initial:" fields will now be displayed in view mode.

EL Status description

Updated to display the EL Status code and/or description in the PowerSchool SIS from the PowerSchool English Learner Export report.
SPEDSM-45289Special Education Profile

When the student's Exceptionality is set Gifted, the "Gifted Teacher" field will populate the "Case Manager" field.


EL Status - Remove Not English Learner code

Removed Not English Learner from the EL Status code list.
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