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SPSM-AL_23.12.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: December 11, 2023



Release Note


ACAP Testing Support

Corrected the text on the document UI to include the word “PreACT Secure” as the label of the checkbox for EL students who will not participate in the English Language Arts subtest.


IEP - Signature Section

On the View and Print mode of the Signature Page section of the IEP, the list of people not in attendance will appear with the heading as “Information From People Not In Attendance”.


Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Made the following changes to the IEP:

  • Updated the footer on all sections of IEP as ALSDE Approved Oct. 2023.

  • Corrected the instructional text on both sections of the Student profile.

  • Updated the instructional text under the Age-appropriate Transition Assessments area in the Transition Section. If the user selects Other as an assessment, they must specify the assessment.

  • Updated the instructional text to indicate what type of details are to be included as the description under the PRESENT LEVEL OF ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AND FUNCTIONAL PERFORMANCE area in the Transition Goal and Annual Goal sections.

  • Retitled the Link to Curriculum Guides to Link to Instructional Guides.

  • Updated the instructional text related to meeting the student's needs and the details to be captured under the MEASURABLE ANNUAL GOAL area in the Annual Goal section. 

  • Updated the instructional text under the BENCHMARKS area in the Annual Goal section.

  • Updated the instructional text under the Special Education area in the Services section.


Individualized Education Program (IEP) - Amendment

Resolved the data flow issue to update the LRE Code in the Special Education History Profile when an IEP amendment with a new LRE code is finalized on transferred student documents.


Keyword Table Updates - ACAP Accommodations

Made the following changes to the details related to Assessments, Subjects, and Accommodations:

  • Updated the ACAPAccommodations keyword table for ACAP Accommodations needs as shared by ALDSE. Keywords are added, removed, or edited descriptions for a few, thus allowing the educators to select appropriate Accessibility Supports / Accommodations as per the selected Assessment.

  • Removed Applied Math from the list of Subjects for assessments WorkKeys (Paper) and WorkKeys (Online).

  • Removed writing from the list of subjects for assessment PreAct Secure.

  • Separated accommodation IndividualSmallGroup, into two separate accommodations as Individual and Small Group.


Special Education Rights Acknowledgement Form

Replaced the Special Education Rights Under the IDEA form with a new form named the Special Education Rights Acknowledgement Form.

  • The form allows the user to capture all the required information for the special education rights acknowledgement.

  • The QR code added to the document can be updated using the Globals profile, Images/Icons flyout, Procedural Safeguards/Special Educational Rights QR Code field. The administrator can change the image if the new scan/QR code is to be added.

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