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SPSM-AL_24.4.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: April 15, 2024



Release Note


Child Count Snapshot Profile

  • The system will not allow the deletion of the Child Count Snapshot profile record once the snapshot is approved. Users will be displayed with a message indicating that the profile can not be deleted as the snapshot is approved.

  • The Child Count Snapshot profile record can be edited or deleted until the user approves Child Count Snapshot on the Report.


Child Count Snapshot Profile

When populating the Child Count Snapshot manually using the Populate Reporting Snapshot option on the State Reporting profile, Child Count section, the Child Count Snapshot profile record will have the student's Integration IDT.


Duplicate Students Report

Added a new report named Duplicate Students Report under Standard Reports, Public Student Reports.

  • The report identifies duplicate students whose First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and DOB match but have a different Student ID in the PowerSchool Special Programs application.

  • This report assists in cleaning up the duplicate student records from the system.


Gifted Eligibility/Screening Determination Form

Resolved the issue where the validation message to provide the Column E value was continuously displayed in edit mode, even when the correct values were added.


Individual Education Program (IEP) Form

  • Updated the Services Section of the IEP form to show new verbiage for Special Education and Related Services. The form shows Program Modifications/Support for Personnel added to the existing wording.

  • Relabled the section to capture program modifications on the Services page as Program Modifications/Support for Personnel. All related validation messages have been updated to show the merged name Program Modifications/Support for Personnel.


Notice and Eligibility Decision

Made the following changes to the Notice and Eligibility Decision form:

  • Resolved the issue causing the error while editing the form when only the assessment is not linked to any Area of Assessment was selected and saved.

  • Users can save or edit the document with only an Assessment, with no Area of assessment linked.

  • When an Area of Assessment is selected, the Assessments drop-down lists only the Assessments associated with that Area.

  • A new keyword, the Averse Effect of Articulation, Voice, Fluency, or Language is added to the EligibilityAssessmentAreas keyword table.

  • Updated the EligibilityAssessments keyword table based on the latest list provided for assessments and areas of assessment association.


Second Grade Child Find Summary Form, Accommodation Keyword Table Update

Made the following changes on the District profile to capture the Second Grade Child Find data:

  • Added a new form, Second Grade Child Find Summary on District, Documents. Districts can use this form to add the projected second-grade child find data for a given school year.

  • Once the document is finalized, the details will be updated on the Distrtict's State Reporting profile, Second Grade Child Find Summary section.

  • Added a new report, Second Grade Child Find Summary, under Standard Reports, State Reports -District Data category. The report shows the Second Grade Child Find projection details for the District configured on the Globals profile.

Made the following changes to the Accommodations keyword table:

  • Added a new keyword, Video ASL, for assessments ACT with Writing Paper and ACT with Writing Online.

  • On the ACAP Testing Support form, when the user selects Assessment as ACT with Writing Paper or ACT with Writing Online, the new keyword Video ASL will be listed under the Accommodations category.


Accommodation Keyword Table Update

Updated the Accommodations keyword, State Assistive Technology as Assistive Technology. The ACAP Testing Support form will show Assistive Technology listed on the Accommodations dropdown for the assessment selected.

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