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SPSM-CA_21.10.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: October 29, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-50784CALPADS - Additional IEP Data Rules

Updated the following rules to stop the IEP, ISP, and IFSP forms from being finalized:

    • Missing Special Education Referral Date
    • IEP Meeting Date is less than Initial Evaluation Parent Consent Date.
    • Missing Initial Evaluation Parental Consent Date
    • Error Message: The Special Education Meeting should occur within 60 days from parental consent.
    • Meeting date is greater than 60 days from Initial Evaluation Consent Date for Special Ed meeting type 15 (Part C Initial Eval. For example, IFSP to Part C) OR 10 (Part B Initial Evaluation Meeting. For example, IEP/ISP) a Meeting Delay Code is required.
SPEDSM-50783CALPADS Data Reporting Rules

Updated the following changes to the CALPADS:

  • Do not update the school location if the enrollment date is greater than the meeting or amendment date.
  • All Triennial Services should be connected to the Annual Review Record, not the Triennial.
  • Triennial Meeting (40) does not have amendments. Report a Triennial Amendment with the Annual record.
  • Students found 'No Longer Eligible' should be reported with the Annual Record, not the triennial.
  • Triennial Meeting with Reason for Delay 10, 02 should with the Triennial Record, NOT the Annual.
SPEDSM-48515IEP, Cover page - Disability

Modified the IEP to update a missing disability and the disability description when an evaluation report is finalized after the IEP is created.

SPEDSM-41155IEP, Cover Sheet - Reason for Meeting

Added a textbox labeled "Reason for Meeting" below the Purpose of Meeting drop-down list within the Cover Sheet. This textbox will be mandatory only when the purpose of the meeting is not Initial, Annual, Triennial, or Interim.

SPEDSM-45995IEP, Educational Setting - Missing Meeting Date

Added the following warning message for missing meeting date on the Educational Environment page when calculating the age:
The IEP Meeting must be entered on the Cover Page to display the correct Federal Settings for students aged 3-22.

SPEDSM-51126IEP, Individual Transition Plan 2 text change

Made minor text change from "Has student successfully completed a minimum of 120 hours...?" to "Has student successfully completed a minimum of 100 hours...?" per new regulations.

SPEDSM-51676IEP, Signature - Parent Consent rule

Modified the rule to fail when Questions 1a-d or 2a-b on the Signature page are not answered when saved and finalized.

SPEDSM-49524IEP, Signature Page
  • Added the missing Admin/Designee row.
  • Modified the staff position ‘Update’ field to display only after a staff member and position has been selected.
SPEDSM-51157Profile: Annual Review Due Date for IPF

Modified a calculated field, Annual Review Due Date, to flow correctly to the profile one month minus one day from the day of the IPF meeting date on finalization.

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