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SPSM-CA_21.12.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: December 23, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-50375Assessment Plan, Disproportionality Considerations

Made minor text change from “Comprehensive Evaluation Process for English Learners (CEP-EL) and/or Emotional Disturbance (CEP-ED) is completed and attached to the signed, hard copy of the IEP and placed in the Special Education Container” to “Comprehensive Evaluation Process for English Learners (CEP-EL) and/or Emotional Disturbance (CEP-ED) will be completed and attached to the signed, hard copy of the IEP and placed in the Special Education Container.”

SPEDSM-51058Assessment Plan, Signature Page - deemed not necessary

When the cover page indicates "Assessment Deemed not Necessary," the Assessment Signature page consent is no longer marked as required upon finalization.

SPEDSM-52430Assessment Plan, Signature page - Editable & Deems Not Needed
  • Modified the Assessment Plan Signature Page checkboxes to be editable in Review and Final mode.
  • The Deems not Needed will appear in Draft and View mode, but it will not print.
SPEDSM-52216Assessment Plan, Signature Page - No Response & Final Attempt
  • Modified the Assessment Plan, Digital Signature = On: when the page is marked as "No Response," the form should allow finalization and not require a signature date. 
  • The signature area checkboxes are editable in Draft and Review mode.
SPEDSM-53718CALPADS - Missing Meeting Identifier
  • Modified CALPADS records to save again upon form finalization. We found that staff could create a service record, for example, without the cover page indicating the meeting date. It could cause the meeting identifier to be blank. 
  • A script will run to correct any blank records with this update.
SPEDSM-53403CALPADS - Type 300 - Pending Initial Evaluation

CALPADS Flash #214 change: 
PowerSchool Special Programs will no longer report Meeting Type 300 (Pending Initial Evaluation) when Profile, Special Education, Initial SE Eligibility Milestones area, Initial Evaluation Consent = Refused OR indicated as Student left district or Eligibility not completed.

SPEDSM-48517CALPADS 504 - EOY Spring 2

Added a new profile named CALPADS504Programs. This field is populated from the district's scheduled task set up (Maintain CALPADS504Programs). This information is uploaded to PowerSchool SIS, S_CA_STU_CALPADSPrograms_C]Programs_C for reporting CALPADS EOY Sprint 2 via Data Integration.

  • Education Program Code = 101
  • Education Plan Participation = 20
  • Membership = 1 Participating (Optional Field)
  • Section 504 Start/End dates

Added Reporting, Standard Reports, CALPADS, CALPADS Program Participation - End of Year 2 in PowerSchool Special Programs to match the complete file format.
Note: Data should be uploaded to PowerSchool SIS to be submitted to CALPADS as part of their extract file for all programs required for this file.

SPEDDEV-28070CALPADS 504 - EOY Spring 2

Added the ability to Report Section 504 student information for CALPADS EOY Sprint 2. Data Integration to PowerSchool SIS, S_CA_STU_CALPADSPrograms_C]Programs_C to follow.

  • Education Program Code = 101
  • Education Plan Participation = 20
  • Membership = 1 Eligible or 3 Participating.
  • Section 504 Start/End dates
SPEDSM-50309Caseload, Search Lists for Inactive students

Exiting students from Special Education, the district, or both are now removed from Staff Caseloads the day after the end date entered in the profile.

SPEDSM-51353IEP, Education Setting, Other Agency Services - minimum of 12 hours work-based text removed

Removed IEP, Education Setting section, Other Agency Services: 
When the Department of Rehabilitation is selected Eligible, the text "Has student successfully completed a minimum of 120 hours of work-based learning experiences for grades 9 through 12 Yes No" is no longer needed and has been removed.

SPEDSM-49412IEP, PLAAFP2 - Present Levels

Modified the optional text boxes to display the entire section, even when the staff only enters data into the second text box instead of the first.

SPEDSM-49899IEP, Service Plan and IFSP - Services Section: Rule for single service

Regardless of service type, any service will generate a message "Cannot have two services with the same Service, Start Date, End Date, and Location (Environment) under Special Education and Related Services."

SPEDSM-52489IEP, Signature Section - No Response and Final Attempt

Modified the Signature Page to enable the "No Parent Response" checkbox to be editable in Draft and Review mode and not look for a signature date for this selection.

SPEDSM-51587IEP, Signature Section - Safeguards area

Modified the Safeguard area to display Parent/Guardian request for additional time and IEP not completed due to time constraints when Not Eligibility or Exiting is selected on the IEP cover page.

SPEDSM-51220IEP, State Testing, Participation in State/District Assessment filter

When the Participation in State/District Assessment, Question B = Yes,
the Assessment Type drop-down list will now only display Alternate Accommodation type tests when this checkbox is selected instead of all tests.

SPEDSM-50313Individual Service Plan, Parent Consent - restrictions added
  • Service Plan, Signature section now limits the checkbox selection to a single selection.
  • The corresponding Initials field and Parent, DOS Representative, or Date fields are required for finalization. If No Response, Final Attempt, or both are selected, the parent initials or date is not required.
SPEDSM-52314Interim Placement Form - Last Evaluation Date

Added the ability for the LastEval date to flow to Profile, Disability, and Eligibility Determination Date.

SPEDSM-51352Interim Placement Form - student no longer eligible

Updated the IPF form to not remove a previous disability when the student is no longer eligible as it is required for state reporting.

SPEDDEV-20916Post Secondary Transition (PSTS) Integration

Data from PowerSchool Special Programs, Profile, Post-Secondary Statuses will now flow to PowerSchool SIS [S_CA_STU_X}Post2ndProgram field for CALPADS Reporting by PowerSchool SIS.

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