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SPSM-CA_21.2.1.0 Release Notes

California Release Dates



Release Note

SPEDSM-28215504 Eligibility: Minor Text Change

Modified the 504 Eligibility text from "Based on the evaluation information reviewed" to "Based on the evaluation information reviewed, the 504 team considered the following to determine eligibility."

SPEDSM-25016Assessment Plan & Prior Written Notice:
  • Modified the following keyword tables to be admin-editable:
    • AssessmentProfessionals
    • ParentConsent
  • Fixed minor font issues.
SPEDSM-38355Assessment Plan > Signature Page: Attempt area required

Modified the form where once finalized, the Signature Page is editable. Users will also see a message reminding them to answer all the questions on this page including a record of attempts.


Upon finalizing an IEP for a Triennial the program will auto-create the Annual CALPADS record at the same time and link services to the Annual record, not triennial.

SPEDSM-37495CALPADS - Delay Reasons Reporting

Modified the CALPADS to now report multiple delay reasons depending on multiple rules.
The delay reason codes are:

  • Initial Evaluation Delay
  • 3rd Birthday Delay
  • IEP Delay
  • Triennial Evaluation Delay

While saving the data to different profile fields, CALPADS will consider reports based on the report date.

SPEDSM-37494CALPADS - Plan Type not 900 for Reevaluations

Modified CALPADS to only report code 900 (Not Eligible) for "Initial Referrals" not "Reevaluation/Triennials."

SPEDSM-38556CALPADS - Reporting

Modified CALPADS report to ensure any field date after the State Reporting Date is not included in the report.

SPEDSM-37700CALPADS - Reporting

Modified CALPADS report to only select dates prior to 10/7 on the CALPADS Fall 1 Report

SPEDSM-37580Evaluation Report > Amendment

Added the ability to amend an Evaluation Report. Added a new field to record the amendment date and the original meeting date will be read-only and signatures will be cleared for the amendment members. The eligibility section is now editable.

SPEDSM-38023Evaluation Report: Eligibility Section, text change

Replaced text "Include how the disability affects the student's progress in the general education curriculum" with "Include a description of the disability and how the disability affects the student's progress in the general education curriculum" in bold font-face.

SPEDSM-37956IEP > Cover Page: Most Recent Annual Review/Reevaluation data flow

Added dataflow from Evaluation Report > Reason = Initial > Triennial > Parentally Placed to Profile > Special Education and to Profile > Most Recent Annual Review Date, or Most Recent Reevaluation Date. The date of the latest Individual or Team Assessment Evaluator's Signature on finalization will be used.

SPEDSM-26496IEP > Positive Behavioral Intervention Plan: Fixed Alignment

Modified alignment of the text boxes to appear indented within the numbered list.

SPEDSM-37484IEP > Service Plan: Most Recent Annual Review Date to Student profile

Modified the meeting date with type = "Annual Review" within Cover Page to now flow to Profile > Most Recent Annual Review Date field.

SPEDSM-37142IEP > Signature Page: Signature date

Added a new message that the Signature date cannot be earlier than the IEP Meeting date or IEP Amendment date.

SPEDSM-37469IEP > Special Factors: dELD area

Added a new checkbox for "Separate or Specialized Program to the Designated English Language Development" (dELD) area.

SPEDSM-38025Interim Placement Form

Changed "Date of most recent psycho-educational evaluation" to "Date of most recent psycho-educational evaluation or speech-language evaluation if SLI only."

SPEDSM-36977Interim Placement: Last Eval date

Modified the date in the Interim Placement > Last Evaluation field, once finalized, to flow to Profile > Most Recent Reevaluation date.

SPEDSM-37823PWN: Exit Details

Modified the Prior Written Notice > Revocation of Services Form to update Profile > Special Education Exit Reason = "Parent Withdrawal/Self Withdrawal student over 18" and the Profile > Revocation of Consent Date field.

SPEDSM-37953Service Plan > Signature area
  • Moved the lines of parent involvement below Federal Settings and added a label titled "Parent Involvement."
  • Added a text area and date fields for Parent/Staff names.
SPEDSM-39154Service Plan: "Signature and Parent Consent"

Added a new section titled "Signature and Parent Consent" to the Service Plan document. The "Signature and Parent Consent" section will be editable in all modes i.e. draft, review, and finalization.

SPEDSM-38768Services (Multiple documents) > Duration

Added validation to the Duration fields (Hours and Minutes) in the services section of the document to not accept more than four digits. This validation applies to the Services area within IEP > Service Plan > IFSP and Interim Placement Form.

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