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SPSM-CA_22.10.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: October 20, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-70196CALPADS, Error messages: Date of Birth

Corrected the CALPADS Basic Report message. Previously, the error message would appear as Date of Birth, Date of Enrollment.

SPEDSM-61350IEP and IEP Amendment, Notice of Meeting message

Created a new rule to display a warning message when an IEP or IEP Amendment is requested and the Notice of Meeting form does not exist. An administrator can disable this rule.

SPEDSM-70440IEP or Evaluation Report: Data Flow No Longer Eligible

Modified the IEP and Evaluation report for Reevaluation. When the student is No Longer Eligible, the meeting date flows to the following fields under the student's profile upon finalization:

  • Most Recent Annual Review Date
  • Most Recent Reevaluation Date

The plan Due Dates fields are left blank.

SPEDSM-64829IEP, Amendments - Creating When Expired

Disabled the ability to create Amendments from expired IEPs (when the IEP Due Date < Current Date).

SPEDSM-70742IEP, Auto-create Process

Modified the auto-create process to automatically generate an IEP amendment for the following selections when forms are not sent to Digital Signature:

  • Parent/Guardian request(s) Additional time to review the IEP is selected or
  • IEP is not completed due to time constraints or
  • No Parent Response
  • I consent to portions of the IEP or
  • I do not consent with the IEP. Please note that if IEP is Initial, I do not consent does not create an amendment.
  • The Amendment is not needed when IEP is finalized with No Parent Response – Final Attempt.

A platform ticket is needed for review regarding auto-creation upon parent/staff response.

SPEDSM-65231IEP, IPF and Assessment Plan: Form Creation Rules

Modified form creation to look at Profile, Referral and Evaluation Dates instead of actual forms. The IPF is excluded from this process as dates are entered on that form.

SPEDSM-67966IEP, Services, ESY and Transportation

Modified the IEP, Services ESY and Transportation section to autofill Yes or No based on the criteria forms.

  • ESY Eligibility: Team Recommendation checkbox
  • Transportation form: Response to Questions 1 or 2.

Please note that the behavior option, Show ESY Transportation will no longer display the transportation ESY Transportation question.

SPEDSM-56672IEP, Services, ESY Service Provider

Modified the IEP, Behavior Option = ServiceProviderRequired = True so that it will not require the ESY provider field and only require the Services section.

SPEDSM-69964IEP, Services, Potential Harmful Effects - text box

Added Insert statement capability to the Potential Harmful Effects text box.

SPEDSM-70375IEP, Signature Page - Staff Text Boxes

Modified the IEP, Signature 1b staff text boxes (two text boxes) to be available after parent and staff signatures, not during the staff signing process. All signature emails are sent simultaneously, so staff notification does not know parents’ response to display text boxes in an open state for staff only.

SPEDSM-52199IEP, Special Factors - Assistive Technology

Added a new text box for Does the student require assistive technology devices and/or services? when a No response is selected.

SPEDSM-63621IEP, Team Action: Reverse Order

Reversed the display order to be the latest on top.

SPEDSM-65199Keyword: Personnel Positions

Added the ability for District Admins to select the order of position display or easier staff selection. For example, a Vision Specialist can appear first in the list instead of displaying in alphabetical order.

SPEDSM-65004Notice of Meeting Form: No Response

Added a new checkbox labeled No Parent Response to the form.

SPEDSM-71353Section 504: Parent Guardian Behavior Option
  • Modified the behavior option, IncludeParents to include Parents or Guardians in the Team Meeting participants area.
  • ShowParentGuardians rule refers to Name or Address information on the IEP Cover Page.
SPEDSM-70760Service Plan

Modified the form submission date. When a user fills in the date before submitting the document in the digital signature text box, the form will display both dates, the same behavior as the IEP document.

SPEDSM-62674Service Plan for Parentally Placed Private School Student - Federal Setting filters

Added additional filters to stop user errors as follows:

Do not allow an ISPPSS document to be created for students under age 2 or over age 22.

Filters for ISPPSS School-Aged (ages 5 to 22 and Grade K-12):

  • Codes displays in the drop-down list: 200,300,301,400,401,402,403, 500
  • Code 200 (Home) should only display for students under age 7.
  • Do not display Code 203 (Separate Class) and 204 (Service Provider Location).

Filters for ISPPSS, Preschool (ages 3 to 5, Grade PK):

  • Only display Codes: 200, 201, 203, 204, 300, 301,103

Filter for School (age 5 and Kindergarten)

  • Do not display Codes for students Age 5 and Grade = Kindergarten - 401, 402, 403, 500

Age 5, Grade = Kindergarten

  • Regular E/C codes (4) no longer appear in a brand new IEP when they are indicated as No in the keyword table, Federal Settings, and prior IEP has blank Fed Setting. User should select 400 (Active code) when blank.
  • Section Action: When the student is in Kindergarten and Regular Early Childhood is displayed in the (5-22) drop-down list, the user must select a school-age setting.
  • Displays a message Please select the proper Age 5-22 Federal Setting as the student's age/grade has changed. when a preschool code is selected in error for Age 5, Kindergarten student.
SPEDSM-65880Summary of Performance (SOP) Form: Data Flow

Added data flow to the student’s Profile from the checkbox labeled Reached age 22 in the Summary of Performance form. CALPADS will report the exit date when the exit date range is within 6/30 or 12/31 and not greater than today’s date.

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