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SPSM-CA_22.5.1.0 Release Notes

Release date: June 3, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-61698Assessment Plan, Signature page Consent missing

Modified Signature page on finalization regarding Consent checkboxes:

  • Displays error message when consent is not selected, and Digital Signature is On. The program can not tell if the item is for Parent or Staff and will fail if the question is not answered. The platform team is working on a fix, and an administrator should disable this rule in the meantime. As a workaround, click Draft, navigate to More, and click Send to Digital Signature. The form will enable sending and responding to items and allow submission.
  • When Digital Signature is off, the Program does not allow finalization when consent is not selected.
SPEDSM-61833IEP, PLAAFP1 - Hardcoded Assessment grid modified

Modified the following Behavior Options:

  • ShowAssessmentGrid: Set to true, an older style hardcoded section displays. Added new repeater row, with stylized text boxes for more flexibility. When this row is blank, the entire row is suppressed. Set to False, the ability for staff to insert rows based on district tests from a drop-down provides flexibility.
  • ShowAssessmentAdvancedTests: Set to false four (4) tests (CST, CMA, CAPA, CELDT) will no longer display.

Remember that system administrators must ensure their behavior options are configured as needed by your district.

SPEDSM-63218IEP, Signature Page - Rules for staff

Modified the IEP, Signature Page to add a new checkbox ‘Staff Information: Area for Parent/Guardian Signers' that will enable staff to sign the form when parent information is not yet entered.

If questions 1b or 1c are selected, staff will need to go back in, after the parent indicates a response to complete staff-specific checkboxes and text boxes). Platform Team is working on a modification to be able to distinguish areas signed by specific groups so this can be enhanced in the future.

SPEDSM-62273IEP, Signature Page 1a-d

Modified questions 1a-d, 2a, and b to be edited by a parent. Restricted 1b, 1c checkboxes and text boxes to be enabled for staff.

SPEDSM-61134IEP: Amendments for Age 5

Students turning age five and moving from Preschool to Kindergarten during the range of the IEP is outlined as follows:

  • Reporting, Standard Reports, CALPADS Data Reports, Students Turning Age 5: Added a new report displaying students turning age five within the range of the current IEP. The district can now run the report for the year or specific date range (for example, monthly).
  • IEP, Document Action Rule = Amendment Turning 5 Rule: Added a new rule for creating an amendment that will automatically change the student’s age to 5, Grade from Preschool to Kindergarten, and add the Global first day of school as the IEP meeting date for next year (for example, 7/1/2022) and Educational Environment from Early Childhood to Age 5-22.
  • This functionality can be disabled in Document Action Properties, IEP, Amendment Turning 5, by indicating ‘Can be disabled by Admin’.

Remember to not select Update Document Now when creating an Age 5 amendment. If an update is selected, the grade, age, and LRE will revert back to profile (for example, age 4, Preschool, and EC). Select Cancel Editing, review data as needed, and Finalize your document which flows the new information back to the profile.

SPEDSM-62989Notice of Meeting, Response CheckboxesModified the Notice of Meeting, Response checkboxes, to not be required when completing the form for parents. The checkboxes should be editable after finalization.
SPEDSM-61936Profile, Interdistrict student

Made changes to the Profile, Demographics Screen:

  • Added a new Interdistrict student checkbox.
  • Added a new field named Alternate District of Residence to populate with the District of Enrollment (LEA) field for data integration from PowerSchool SIS.
  • In the Profile Types, Update Script, maintain CALPADSSpEdPrograms: Insert or update District of Residence with Alternate District.
  • In Reports, modified the CALPADS reports (4) to use Alternate District of Residence and not the District of Residence field when X Interdistrict is indicated.
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