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SPSM-CA_22.6.1.0 Release Notes

Release date: July 1, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-64518Assessment Plan: Meeting type 30 - Pending Initial Evaluation

Modified Assessment Plan dataflow for Meeting Type = Initial (30) and Plan Type = Pending (300) to correctly reflect in the Profile, CALPADS Summary for reporting.

SPEDSM-64104CALPADS File Submission Import (Model)

Updated the Service column to recognize "C" as part of the keyword ID to eliminate error messages such as "Problem with Service: '330' not a keyword."

SPEDSM-64105CALPADS: Reporting, CALPADS, CALPADS Error Report display additional columns

Added File Name and File Type to the CALPADS Errors Reporting submission lookup screen to help the user select the correct file to review.

SPEDSM-47316General Education Student - Security, View

Modified security for viewing General Education Students; edit privileges are no longer required to view students.

SPEDSM-64009IEP, Cover Page selections for - Not Eligible, No Longer Eligible

IEP, Cover page, and Meeting Types are linked to the Eligibility selection as follows:

  • Meeting type = Part B Initial Evaluation Meeting: Only allows selection of the Not Eligible for Special Education checkbox.
  • Meeting type = Triennial Evaluation: Only allows selection of the Exiting from Sp. Ed (returned to gen. ed/no longer eligible) checkbox.
SPEDSM-63844IEP, Cover Sheet, IEP Page 1 section - Original Special Ed Entry

The Original Special Ed Entry Date field is pulled from the Initial Eligibility Date field in the student profile instead of the Initial IEP Meeting Date field.

SPEDSM-64913IEP, Digital Signature - Staff Only

Created a new function where a field can be identified for staff only and does not appear for Parents/Guardians during digital signature.

SPEDSM-61351IEP, IEP at a Glance Section: Minor Graduation Text change

Modified the text under Graduation Plan to indicate Age 15 and higher instead of Grade 7 and higher. The text was also modified on IEP, Transition Plan 2. The rule to display this section remains at Grade 7 or higher.

SPEDSM-57478IEP, PLAAFP 1 - Describe Disability when Not Eligible

When a student is Not Eligible or Exiting Sp. Ed, the Cover page or PLAAFPT1 section must not reflect the text "Describe Disability Effects."

SPEDSM-62859IEP, PLAAFP 1: Recorded Assessments in the Profile table

A Data Integration rule (PowerSchool - Assessment Import (Model)) can bring assessments from PowerSchool SIS to PowerSchool Special Programs profiles. In turn, they are displayed in the IEP, PLAAFP 1 section of the IEP. This modification enables updating assessments when an IEP is opened (not finalized) to refresh information if any have been added since the form was last opened or created.

SPEDSM-54289IEP, Progress Report Section - Final Report

Modified Progress Reporting to enable the Final Report checkbox after finalization.

SPEDSM-61933IEP, Revision - Eligibility Status and Eligibility Determination Date

Modified the Profile, Special Education, Eligibility Status, and Eligibility Determination Date field to reflect the original IEP Meeting Date when an amended IEP indicates "Amendment Agreed" on the signature page.

SPEDSM-63841IEP, Signature Page - Second signature requirement

Modified the Signature page to only require one signature when a student only indicates a single receives letters parent/guardian/surrogate.

SPEDSM-64008IEP, Signature Page: No Parent Response - Amendments in error

Modified the automatic creation of an IEP Amendment when No Parent Response - Final Attempt is selected. Staff will need to manually create the amendment if required.

SPEDSM-61939IEP, Transition Plan 2: Course of Study

Graduation Plan Area:

  • Added a new Course of study Yes/No question: Has the student successfully completed a minimum of four-semester courses of classroom-based work exploration during grade 9 through 12. A code of 65 will be indicated on a report.
  • The existing Yes/No question: Has the student successfully completed a minimum of 100 hours of work-based learning experiences -for grades 9 through 12. A code of 60 will be indicated on a report.

Reporting, CALPADS Data Reports:

  • Course of Study Hours: A new report is available in CALPADS Data Reports. A start/end date range can be indicated to select data.
  • This report indicates student information, Diploma Type, Work-Based Participation, Projected Graduation Date, Credits Earned toward Graduation, and Credit Required for Graduation for grades 9-12.
SPEDSM-63845IEP, Transition Plan 2: Credits Earned Toward Graduation

Added a new field in the Individual Transition Plan 2 section, the Graduation Plan area, labeled Credits Earned Toward Graduation. This field is numeric only and not required. If blank, it will not print. It provides flexibility for districts, whether or not they wish to use the new field.
Changed the Credits Required field to numeric only.

SPEDSM-48108Individual Family Service Plan: Contact Information

Added a new sentence and lookup/non-lookup functionality to provide parents with contact information.

SPEDDEV-33319Integration, PowerSchool - Student Import (Model) and Student Change Notification (Model)

Added the ability to integrate District of Enrollment from PowerSchool SIS to PowerSchool Special Programs.

SPEDSM-56806Interim Placement & Individual Family Service Plans: Disabilities

Primary and Secondary Disabilities cannot be the same. They will return an error message on the Interim Placement and the Individualized Family Service Plans.

SPEDSM-55093Interim Placement Form: Annual Review Most Recent dataflow to Profile

The Last Annual IEP date flows back to the Student Profile, Compliance Timelines, and the Most Recent Annual Review Date on finalization.

SPEDSM-63842Interim Placement: Student no longer eligible as determined by the previous school district

Removed Federal Setting rule when a student is no longer eligible for Services as indicated by the previous school district.

SPEDSM-59734Service Plan for Parent Placed Private: Update Eligibility Determination & Initial IEP Consent

Removed the Referral & Consent Rules prohibiting access to this form. All dates can now be entered directly on the form and will flow to Profile on finalization.

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