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SPSM-CA_22.7.1.0 Release Notes

Release date: August 5, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-66210CALPADS Data Validation Reports

New reports located in Reporting, Standard Reports, Diagnostic indicate any missing or incorrect data for user review and correction before submission to CALPADS.

  • CALPADS Data Check - Special Education Information
  • CALPADS Data Check - Basic (GERR, INV type errors)
  • CALPADS Data Check - Services
SPEDSM-65951IEP, Eligibility Status/dates data flow updated

Updated the data flow to Profile for an Initial IEP with Eligibility Status = Eligible and Eligibility Determination Date is blank for fields: Eligibility Determination Date, Initial Eligibility Date, and Initial IEP Consent Date with the IEP Meeting Date on finalizing the IEP document. 

If consent is unavailable on finalization, then Office Use Only will flow the Date Received to Profile, Initial IEP Consent Date.

SPEDSM-63757IEP, Special Factors, Accommodations

Modified the accommodation list to again include:

  • 100s Number Table (Math Only)
  • Abacus
  • Calculator (Accommodations)
SPEDSM-65896IEP, Signature Page - 1a,b,c
  • IEP, Signature Page, updated rules for user selection.
  • If IEP is an initial and the student is Not Eligible, the Signature page questions 1a and 1c fields are active for user selection.
    • The current warning message has been modified to “Should select agreement option 1a or 1c.” If a student is in Annual/Triennial and the student is Exiting from Sp. ED. (returned to gen. ed/no longer eligible), the Signature page questions 1a, 1b, and 1c fields are active for user selection.
    • The current warning message is “Should select agreement option 1a,1b, or 1c.”
SPEDSM-63739IEP, Signature Page - Additional Time, Time Constraints messages

IEP, Signature Page: All appropriate warning messages should always appear. Modified parent signature message to appear, with the Safeguards missing message, when questions “Parent/Guardian requests additional time” and “IEP not completed due to time constraints” are selected.

SPEDSM-62988IEP, Signature Page - Date

Corrected digital signature on the IEP, Signature page to display today’s date when a parent signs at the end of the form.

SPEDSM-66421IEP, Signature, Staff Only checkbox
  • Removed the extra Staff checkbox on the IEP, Signature page.
  • Platform added new functionality to identify staff only required to complete a form.
SPEDSM-66670IEP, Signature Page - Multiple Signers

Added individual names on the signature page to identify responses or signatures. This addition appears after everyone has signed. Our developers are working on a change where a single block will display and indicate the first person signing and the PDF will display all individual responses per signer.

SPEDSM-63236IEP, Special Factors - text change


SPEDSM-66750Profile, Special Education - Delay Reasons

Modified calculation to use calendar days instead of school days.

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