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SPSM-CA_22.8.1.0 Release Notes

Release date: September 9, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-68503CALPADS records display the 2022-2023 School YearCorrected CALPADS records to display the proper year, 2021-2022, not 2022-2023, when End of Year rollover is complete, but CALPADS is still in process.
SPEDSM-68069IEP, Signature Page: Display two parent signatures togetherModified parent signatures to display one after the other instead of two separate blocks. Responses from the first parent will appear on the form.
SPEDSM-67839CALPADS SPED FileRemoved extra space in the StudentIEPParticipationIndicator field.
SPEDSM-67829IEP, Signature: Staff signingDisabled the Submit button when the signed button was not selected in Digital Signature.
SPEDSM-67439Profile, Set IEPInitiation Date when No Longer EligibileUpdated the IEP Initiation Date field so that it is not removed when a student is found to be No Longer Eligible.
SPEDSM-67274CALPADS: Age 5 script
  • Created a new script to find students who reach the age of 5 after the most recent IEP Meeting and Grade Level is now = Kindergarten. 
  • The system will add an IEP Amendment date the day after students' birthday and update the PlacementEdSetting from a Preschool code to School Age Setting, as needed.
  • The CALPADS script will then create a new record for reporting. The ability to manually create an amendment to do the same thing also exists. 
  • An administrator will need to enable this script if the district wants it.
SPEDSM-67117CALPADS - EOY 4: Triennial MeetingUpdated Triennial records or Annual reports to CALPADS.
SPEDSM-65243IEP, Cover Page, Not eligible: Removed Secondary DisabilityModified the Cover Page to remove the second disability when a student is indicated as Not Eligible.
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