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SPSM-CA_23.9.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: September 28, 2023



Release Note


CALPADS Reports: Rounding off Percentage Values

Numeric values for the General Education Participation Percentage field in CALPADS upload are rounded up for values of .5 and above and rounded down for values below .5.


Changes in IEP Dates As per IEP Meeting Date

Updated the Services Start and End dates, Goals start and end dates, and supplementary Support start dates to reflect the change in the IEP meeting date.


Document: Individualized Education Program

Removed the student disability from showing up on the IEP at a Glance section of the IEP document when a student is no longer eligible for special education.


Document: Individualized Education Program

Added appropriate messages for users when they do not consent to the IEP or its portions in the signature and parent consent section of the IEP document.


English Learner Indicator

Modified the English Learner Indicator on the IEP cover page to be populated for the students based on age, not grade level.


ExitReasonTable Keyword Table

Added a keyword C26 to the ExitReasonTable with the description IFSP Team Determined No Part B Evaluation Needed.


Reports: Meeting Delay Code Changes

Changed the meeting Delay code to display code instead of description in the following reports:

  • CALPADS MEETings - End of Year 4

  • CALPADS MEETings - Fall 1


Review rewritten CALPADS Reports

Updated all file formats to ensure they match version 15 from the initial build in April.


Section Actions Update

Modified the section actions in the following documents to consider the new grade level Transitional Kindergarten(G19):

  • Individualized Education Program

  • Interim Placement Form

  • Service Plan for Parentally Placed Pvt Sch Student

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