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SPSM-CA_24.2.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: February 8, 2024



Release Note


Document: Interim Placement Form

Removed the enclosure field as it is no longer in use.


RTI: In-Class Individual Intervention Plan

Added a new RTI form named In-Class Individual Intervention Plan.


Profile: Special Education

When the Student's Eligibility Status is not eligible and a Special Education Exit Date or Special Education Exit Date Reason is entered, the following due dates will be removed from the student profile:

  • Annual Review Due Date

  • Re Eval Due Date fields

  • IEP End Date

It applies to the Initial Evaluation. Search and caseload screens are core products as well as district customizable. These fields can not reflect this change request as it would affect all states/districts.


Document: Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Added new functionality to the IEP document to indicate whether a parent has not consented or partially consented to the IEP on the signature page.


Document: Acknowledgement and Consent to Bill Medi-Cal Ins

Added a new behavior option to hide the Consent and Signature area in the document.


Profile: Special Education

  • Added a new calculated field to the Special Education profile labeled Initial IEP Due Date.

  • It calculates 60 calendar days from the date Initial Evaluation Consent was received.


Document: Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Modified the existing behavior to ensure that the student's educational placement data flows to the student profile only on finalization of the IEP.


Document: Notice of Meeting

While saving the Notice of Meeting document, the following dates would flow to the Special Education Profile:

  • Meeting Notice Date in the document flows to the Latest Notice of Meeting IEP Invitation Date in the profile.

  • IEP Meeting Date in the document flows to the IEP Meeting Date in the profile.


Document: Evaluation Report

Modified the behavior of the Evaluation Report document. When the report document is finalized with the meeting type Re-evaluation, assessment is Initial, and the student is Not Eligible, the Most Recent Annual Review Date field in the student profile will be updated.


Document: Individualized Education Plan

Modified the date calculation formulae to account for the leap year scenario in the IEP document. When the Meeting Date is adjusted in the IEP, the Services Start and End Dates, Goals start and end date, and the Supplementary Support start date will be updated based on the change in the IEP Meeting Date.


Document: Section 504 - Plan

  • Added statement bank option for the Accommodations/Support and When/How Progress will be Reviewed and Assessed text boxes in the Section 504 Plan document.

  • Modified the State/District-Wide Assessments section to ensure it is compliant with the latest state regulations.


Document: IEP Team Member Excusal

  • Removed SELPA from the document title.

  • Added a section header to match sections in other documents.

  • Added a provision to select a staff/non-staff member under the Individual Education Program Team Members area.

  • Enlarged the text areas to accommodate a larger quantum of text.


California Assessment Accessibility Resources Matrix

Made the following changes to the Assessment Accessibility Matrix for the academic year 2023-24:

  • Addition of spell check as an embedded universal tool for the California Spanish Assessment.

  • Updated the definition of the non-embedded strikethrough and highlighter universal tool to include test examiner assistance for K–2 students and an update to the definition for embedded strikethrough and the embedded and non-embedded line reader universal tool to include grade two students taking the ELPAC.

  • Updated the non-embedded medical support designated support to include Bluetooth hearing aids.

  • Updated the embedded Spanish stacked-dual language translation designated support to be activated using a toggle mode for Smarter Balanced for mathematics.

  • Addition of a non-embedded printed copy of the Smarter Balanced for English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics oral test direction in English as a designated support that may be provided to a student.

  • Addition of non-embedded translated test directions in American Sign Language for the Smarter Balanced ELA and mathematics as a designated support that may be provided to a student.

  • It updated the non-embedded print-on-demand accommodation so that it can be assigned by a site or local educational agency (LEA) coordinator without contacting an LEA Success Agent.

  • Addition of embedded word prediction as an accommodation for the Smarter Balanced for ELA and mathematics and the California Science Tests.


Alternate Assessment Decision Making Tool

Added a new section in the IEP called Alternate Assessment Decision Making Tool to replace the Alternate Assessment (CAASPP AND ELPAC) Decision Confirmation Worksheet.


ELPAC Exemptions

Added exemptions for listening, speaking, reading, and writing to the list of ELPAC Exemptions.


Document: Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Modified the topic text boxes on the Team Action section of the IEP to accommodate a larger quantum of text and appear streamlined.


Document: Service Plan for Parentally Placed Pvt Sch Student

Modified the document to have the eligibility and exiting criteria driven by program rules and not editable by the users in the Service Plan.


Reports: CALPADS Student Services

Modified the File Type column to display SERV for the following reports:

  • CALPADS Student Services - Fall 1 (SSRV)

  • CALPADS Student Services - End of Year 4 (SSRV)



Modified the behavior to ensure that when parents withdraw a student from Special Education using the Revocation form, the SWDS record should be created for the student with the following details: 

  • Special Education Status Code: Eligible and not Participating

  • Non-Participation Reason Code: withdraw-24



When an amendment for the IEP is finalized with parents' consent, the flowing CALPADS records are generated with the following details:

  • CALPADS Meet record for the original IEP.

  • CALPADS Plan record should be created with the Special Education Plan Effective Start Date as the amendment date and the reason for the record code being 2 to indicate an amendment.

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