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SPSM-CA_24.3.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: March 15, 2024



Release Note



Made the following changes to remediate missing service records from CALPADS reports:

  • When a student possesses a service page in the Individualized Education Program (IEP), the parent agrees with that IEP, and the PlanEffectiveStartDate (Meeting date) matches the StartDate on the service page, then the service record is included in the CALPADS Student Services - Fall 1 report.

  • The PlanEffectiveStartDate now matches the EffectiveStartDate in the service record.


Evaluation Team Report Data Updates

Made the following changes to the special education profile based on the Evaluation Team Report document:

  • When a student is being re-evaluated for special education and is found eligible, the old evaluation dates are cleared and updated with the new dates.

  • When the Evaluation Report document is finalized with a student who is not eligible for special education, no date changes occur.


State Assessment Changes

Renamed the following exemptions:

  • Listening Exemption as ELPAC Listening Exemption

  • Speaking Exemption as ELPAC Speaking Exemption

  • Reading Exemption as ELPAC Reading Exemption

  • Writing Exemption as ELPAC Writing Exemption

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