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SPSM-CT_21.5.1.0 Release Notes

Connecticut Release Dates



Release Note

SPEDSM-43146IEP > Cover Page: Meeting Reason

Modified the Most Recent Eval. Date rule to exclude 'the Most Recent Eval date requirement when a meeting reason is Review Referral and Other.

SPEDSM-42757Keyword: GuardianRlationTable

Modified the Keyword GuardianRlationTable to be administrator-editable. Also added the ability to add codes and indicate "InUse."

SPEDSM-44052Notice of Consent to Contact Initial (ED625): Letter for Surrogates

Added the ability to print or use DocuSign for a surrogate parent.

SPEDSM-43965RTI: In-Class Individual Intervention Plan

Added a new RTI form "In-Class Individual Intervention Plan."

SPEDSM-41133RTI: Student Support Team Referral

Added a new form "RTI - Student Support Team Referral."

SPEDSM-35136SEDAC: IEP Implementation Date

The IEP Implementation Date within Profile, then Eligibility is now collected when an IEP is finalized from Section 11, will be used on SEDAC, Field 14, IEP Implementation Date.

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