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Annual Notification of Parental Medicaid Consent

This notice informs parents of children receiving special education services of the consent requirements regarding access to Medicaid and other public benefits. Federal regulations under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) allow public agencies to use Medicaid and other public benefits in which a student participates to pay for qualifying special education services. 

Create Annual Notification of Parental Medicaid Consent

  1. The Annual Notification of Parental Medicaid Consent section of the IEP is not a required section. To add the section to the IEP document, click Set Document, select Sections, and select Annual Notification of Parental Medicaid Consent, then click Accept.

  2. The system auto-populates:

    • Student Name and USI from the Student Info/Demo Part B profile.

    • Meeting Date from the IEP cover sheet.

  3. The Contact Information and Mailing Address section provides information about the OSSE Medicaid Unit.

  4. Click Save, Done Editing.

  • There is no information to complete in this section.

  • The header of the page displays the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) and its address.

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