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Automatic Student Transfer

Common Student Transfer Data Validation Guidelines

  • Our main goal is to determine the student's current enrollment district for precise transfer processing and recording.

  • To ensure a successful transfer, students must have a valid enrollmentStartDate. Leaving this field blank will result in an error, which prevents a successful transfer.

  • If we discover that a student is enrolled in multiple Local Education Authority (LEAs), we need to review the enrollment start dates for each district. As per rules defined by the District of Columbia, this is necessary since a student can only belong to one of these multiple LEAs. Additionally, we should arrange these enrollment start dates chronologically, treating the students' timeline as a series of transfers between different districts. Currently, the staging data we have reflects the most recent status in this timeline.

  • When students transfer from one school to another, they are marked as Inactive in the sending school. If the student transfers back, their original record ID is modified by adding an underscore (_) and the date of transfer, making it unique. This modified record is then flagged to be archived. When the student is transferred back to the original school, they are assigned the same original record ID. This helps to ensure that there is only one record with that ID in the district, and any other records would have an underscore (_) and a date appended to it.

Review your data thoroughly to avoid errors and streamline student transfer procedures.

Student Transfer Criteria

Students can be selected for transfer:

  • Based on their enrollment start date.

  • If the feed (staging table) shows the student in a new LEA and an enrollmentStartDate later than the enrollmentStartDate at any existing LEA.

The system deactivates the student's profile in the previous LEA and reactivates the student in the new LEA if the latest documents exist in the new LEA instead of transferring the student.


  • Student transfer is impossible if

    • the student does not have an enrollmentStartDate in any district.

    • the enrollmentStartDate between any two LEAs is the same for the student.

    • the enrollmentStartDate for one or more existing LEAs is greater than or equal to the enrollmentStartDate in the staging table (Stage_Students profile).

  • The enrollmentStartDate in the staging table must be the latest start date in any LEA. 

  • This process works off the Student's profile, not the LEA Entry/Exit profile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does one student ID have a date at the end while the other does not?

If a student is transferred back to an LEA they previously attended, the system will not overwrite the previous records. The system will update the student's ID to include the date at the end, deactivates the previous records, and adds the records to the queue for archiving. When searching for the student by ID, both the current and archived records will appear in the search results.

Is there a sync between Inactivating and Transferring the student to the target database? Will they be done simultaneously or one after the other?

Once a transfer is completed, the deactivation of the student is expected. However, it has been observed that sometimes the deactivation process fails without any providing any information about the cause of the failure. In such cases, PowerSchool has provided a script labeled Part B Deactivate Students which will deactivate the student where the student has an enrollment exit date in the demographic profile. This will ensure that transfer status fields are correctly filled out using the transfer envelope data, especially if they were not previously filled automatically. This script was primarily designed to fill in these fields for transfers that occurred before the automatic filling mechanism was introduced.

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