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Document Delivery

Set up Document Delivery

The Document Delivery section stores the method and date in which the IEP document was sent to the Parent/Guardian as well as storing the Parent/Guardian's response to the IEP document. 

  1. Within the IEP document, navigate to Document Delivery using the flyout menu.

  2. The system auto-populates:

    • Student Name from the Student Info/Demo Part B profile.

    • Document Date and Source Document from the IEP cover sheet.

  3. Select the Mode of Delivery.

  4. Select the Date of Delivery.

  5. Select the Parent Response from the drop-down list.

  6. When either Parent Rejects or Parent Requests Meeting is selected and the IEP document is finalized:

    1. The system will not flow any data to the student's profiles, except the Most Recent IEP Negation Date on the student's Special Education Information profile.

    2. The IEP document will not display as Active in the student's listing of documents.  If there is a previously Active IEP for a student, that IEP will remain Active until a new IEP has been accepted by the parent/guardian.

  7. Select Parent Response Date. The date is required if a value in the Parent Response field is populated.

  8. Click Save, Done Editing.

The Date of Delivery cannot be after the IEP Meeting Date mentioned on the IEP cover page.

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