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Graduation With Diploma

This page outlines how it allows students with disabilities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through alternative assessments and meet the same high school graduation standards as their peers without disabilities.

Graduation with Diploma

  1. Select a student on the Students panel.

  2. Click the Documents icon for the student.

  3. From the Create New Document drop-down list, select Graduation With Diploma under Special Education Notices, and click Go.

  4. Enter a Label/Comment and click New. Click Additional Settings to specify the year and sections to include.

  5. In the Student Information section, the system auto-populates the following information:

    • From the Student Info/Demo Part B profile: 

      • Student

      • USI

      • DOB

    • From the LEA Entry/Exit Part B profile:

      • Grade

    • From the Special Education Part B profile:

      • Case Manager

      • Last Eligibility Meeting Date

      • Last IEP Annual Review Meeting Date

  6. The system auto-populates the parent or guardian names that have Educational Rights selected in the Student Contacts Part B profile. The user must select one parent or guardian, and the system displays their address.

  7. The system displays the student's name as Dear Parent/Guardian of <student name> within the letter when the Student Holds Educational Rights checkbox is not selected within the Student Info/Demo Part B profile. Otherwise, it displays the student's name as Dear <Student Name>.

  8. Enter an anticipated graduation date manually or select a date using the calendar icon.

  9. The system auto-populates the Head of School name from the student’s Attending School (Location profile) identified on the LEA Entry/Exit Part B profile. The Head of School’s position, work phone and email address are populated from the Staff profile.

  10. Click Save, Done Editing.

  11. Finalize the document when completed. To finalize the document, click Set Document, select Status from Draft to Final, and then click Accept.

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