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Parent Acknowledgement Letter

This document is required for all new referrals after the Part B referral document is finalized. This document is automatically created in the student's document listing when the Part B Referral document is finalized.

Acknowledgment of Referral to Special Education Letter

  1. Select a student on the Students panel.

  2. Click the Documents icon for the student.

  3. From the Create New Document drop-down list, select Parent Acknowledgement Letter under Part B: Referral, and click Go.

  4. In the Student Information section, the system auto-populates the following information:

    • From the Student Info/Demo Part B profile:

      • Student

      • USI

      • DOB

    • From the LEA Entry/Exit Part B profile:

      • Grade

    • From the Special Education Part B profile:

      • Case Manager

      • Last Eligibility Meeting Date

      • Last IEP Annual Review Meeting Date

  5. The system auto-populates the date when the form is created and can be changed to today's date or a future date.

  6. The system auto-populates parents' or guardians' names from the student's Profile, Student Contacts Part B, where the Educational Rights checkbox is selected. The user must select at least one name.

  7. The system auto-populates the Referral Source and the date of Referral Received from the student's profile, Referrals Part B.

  8. Enter a date in the Date Procedural Safeguards Sent to Parent field.

  9. The system displays the student's name as Dear Parent/Guardian of <student name> when the student is below 18 years of age. If the student ages 18 and the transfer of rights document is in place, the letter will be addressed to Dear <Student's Name>.

  10. In the body of the letter, the referral date inserts from the Part B Referrals profile. The school's name will auto-populate from the student's LEA Entry/Exit profile name, Attending School.

  11. Select a contact using the lookup function to clarify doubts about the letter. The system populates the phone number of the chosen contact person.

  12. The letter salutation will auto-populate with the student's case manager and the case manager's Works At address, phone, and email address.

  13. Click Save, Done Editing.

  14. The case manager can digitally sign the letter before sending it to the parents or guardians.

  15. Finalize the document once completed. To finalize the document, click Set Document, select Status from Draft to Final, and then click Accept.

  16. When the document is finalized, the date of the letter will flow to the Date Referral Acknowledgement Sent value on the student's Referrals Part B profile.

  • After the user selects a parent or guardian, the system displays their address.

  • Click More, Update Document from Student Profile to refresh parent or guardian details on the document when the document is in draft mode. Parent or guardian details cannot be updated for documents in Review or Final mode.

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