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Referral Feedback - Part B

The document will only be created if the student is less than 6 years old as of the Part B Referral date and when the Part B Referral Consent value is Consent Approved (from the Initial Evaluation/Reevaluation document).

Notification of Referral Outcome

  1. Select a student on the Students panel.

  2. Click the Documents icon for the student.

  3. From the Create New Document drop-down list, select Part B Referral Feedback under Part B: Referral, and click Go.

  4. In the Student Information section, the system auto-populates the following information:

    • From the Student Info/Demo Part B profile:

      • Student

      • USI

      • DOB

    • From the LEA Entry/Exit Part B profile:

      • Grade

    • From the Special Education Part B profile:

      • Case Manager

      • Last Eligibility Meeting Date

      • Last IEP Annual Review Meeting Date

  5. Enter a date using the calendar icon.

  6. The system auto-populates the Referral Source Name and Referral Source Address fields value from the Part B Referral document.

  7. The system auto-populates the Referral Source and Referral Received date from the student's profile, Referrals Part B.

  8. Select a value from the drop-down list to confirm whether the initial evaluation was conducted or not.

  9. Select a value from the drop-down list to confirm whether the student is eligible for special education and related services or not.

  10. Click Save, Done Editing.

  11. Finalize the document once completed. To finalize the document, click Set Document, select Status from Draft to Final, and then click Accept.

The system also auto-populates the name of the school the student attends from the student's LEA Entry/Exit profile.

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