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RSMR - Metric Per Provider

The Related Services Management Report (RSMR) - Metric Per Provider report displays details about the productivity of service providers who deliver special education services to students with disabilities. The report summarizes critical details for each service provider, such as the total duration for which the services are delivered, the total services provided, and the productivity and service completion percentage.

Submission Requirements

The user must select the reporting duration to generate a report for all services the staff has delivered to students within a specific date range. Only the staff/service provider with some service records captured for the assigned services will be listed on the report.

Generate Report

  1. From the Reporting menu, choose Standard Reports.

  2. Click RSMR, then click RSMR - Metric Per Provider.

  3. Enter a Start Date and End Date manually or use the calendar icon for the reporting duration.

  4. Click Update Report with Values.

  5. Click the percentage value to review the details of the services provided by the staff.

To review the latest data, click Refresh after opening the report in the application.

Report Field Description and Criteria

Field Name


Data Source (Profile/Form, Field Name)

Database Field Name

Delivered Min

The total number of minutes for which the given staff provides the services.

Profile: Service Records Part B, Duration Minutes


% Services Completed

This value equals delivered services minutes divided by the total prescribed minutes for a given staff.

Profile: Service Records Part B and IEP Services Part B


% Productivity

This value is equal to the sum of Direct Service, Student Absent, Student Unavailable, and Consultation Part B Service capture records delivered minutes that are within the reporting date range divided by the Total Prescribed Minutes value for a given staff.

Profile: Service Records Part B



The total number of services the staff is assigned to within the reporting duration.

Profile: Service Records Part B


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