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SPPL_23.11.0.0 OSSE-Specific

These release notes are only specific to the District of Columbia (OSSE). Refer to Special Programs - System Administrator product help for additional release notes. PowerSchool Special Programs version SPPL_23.11.0.0 is available as of November 17, 2023.



Release Note


State | Regional Module

State | Regional Module
With this latest update, SSO users can now use the Assume Admin Role feature. SSO users will need to reauthenticate using their credentials, ensuring an additional layer of security. Once successfully authenticated, an impersonated session will be created for the user.


DCT Password

Resolved an issue where the DCT password change was throwing an error.



LEA Staff Access

Completed the Alternate Staff Locations alteration. LEA staff-type users now have every location in their alternate locations list, except for non-public schools, so their location-wide access should now be remedied.



Student Profile Error

All students targeted for the archive have been archived, resolving the student profile error.



Staff Access Issue

The feed was adjusted to handle email addresses with a -.

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