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SPSM-DC_23.12.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: December 2, 2023

Part B



Release Note


IEP Meeting Date and Meeting Type Data Flow

Resolved an issue where the IEP Meeting Date and Meeting Type (Initial IEP and Annual Review) were not flowing when document delivery was not completed. 


IEP Amendment

Modified the purpose text in the IEP Amendment section. The text now appears: A student's special education needs may change throughout the year. If it becomes necessary to make changes to a student's IEP after the annual IEP review occurs during the school year, the IEP team may amend the relevant section of the IEP rather than redraft the entire IEP. Completion of an IEP amendment does not change, replace, or extend the current IEP annual review date. An IEP team may amend an IEP by convening an IEP team meeting to consider the proposed amendment or through a documented written agreement without an IEP team meeting.

LRE Code 15 referring to Correctional Facility is made inactive, and this will no longer be displayed in the LRE grid Age 6-22.

Corrected the calculation logic in the services section for TotalDurationofServicesInHours to -

  • exclude the hours/minutes that are expired, that is, services ending on the Amendment Date, before the Amendment Date, or within seven days from the Amendment Date.

  • include the services hours/minutes for the newly added services whose start date is within seven days from the IEP Meeting Date/Amendment Date.

Previously, the TotalDurationofServicesInHours calculation included the services ending on the date of amendment, requiring the user to mention the reason for exceeding the services more than 35 hours. This is now fixed.

Updated the logic to auto-select the checkbox Age 5 and in KG or Age 6-22 (through end of school year they turn 22) when the student turns six as on the IEP Amendment Date and display the related LRE grid based on the age and grade of the child. User will need to select the required LRE code matching the age and grade of the child.

Resolved an issue where the document could not be finalized due to the error displayed on the LRE section whenever a service was modified or added.

During an Amendment, when the user changes the LRE code to six or seven from any other LRE code (that was previously selected on the original IEP document), the following message appears if the option during an IEP meeting is not selected in the drop-down menu for field Below is a description of the IEP revision(s) we discussed and agreed to make on the cover page: Residential Facility or Separate School LRE values cannot be selected for this amendment as the amended IEP has not been conducted during an IEP team meeting as indicated on the IEP amendment page.

Removed the IEP Amendment section for new documents, as this no longer applies. The IEP Amendment section will only be present on the amended documents.

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