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SPSM-DC_23.7.2.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: July 12, 2023

Part B



Release Note


New Staff Positions

Made the following changes to the StaffPositions keyword table:

  • Added School Special Education Coordinator and NonPublic Special Education Coordinator staff positions.

  • These positions are only available for Part B use. They will only be listed on Part B documents and profiles. To configure security groups, use the Staff Positions data.


Related Services Management Report (RSMR) Report Updates

Made the following changes to the RSMR standard reports:

  • Updated the RSMR Delivered Service Details report to show the student’s Grade based on the enrollment record from the LEA Entry/Exit profile that covers the date of service and falls within the reporting duration. The users can select reporting duration while generating the report. When multiple LEA Entry/Exit records are covered within the report duration, the report will show the Grade from the recent Enrollment record among them.

  • RSMR Delivered Service Details report will list only services where the Delivered Service type is Direct Service or Consultation.

  • Added the Original Service Date column to the RSMR Delivered Service Details report. This column will display the Date Service Originally Due date value from the service record of type make-up.

  • The RSMR Prescribed Details report now shows Consultation Per IEP as the last column on the report. The column will show the value as Yes if the service is prescribed with the service type as Consultation Service on the IEP Services Part B profile.

  • Updated the RSMR Summary report to show the Grade from the enrollment record on the LEA Entry/Exit profile where the Service Start Date value is within the date range of the LEA Entry/Exit start and end date range. If multiple LEA Entry/Exit records are covered within the report duration, then the report will show the Grade from the recent Enrollment record among them.

Part C



Release Note


Billing and Translation Request Reports Updates

Made the following changes to the billing and translation request reports:

  • Updated the Evaluation Billing reports for the District of Columbia and the service provider company. The reports now display Evaluation Requests based on the actual date of the evaluation instead of the proposed Evaluation schedule date.

  • Added the Contract Type filter to the Billing Report for Company Services and Evaluations to refine the report based on the Contract type.

  • Updated the Translation Request Report to display the details about the translation request duration. The Start Time and End Time of the request columns are added to the report.


Updates to Primary Payer, IFSP Service, and Service Record Part C profiles

Made the following changes to Primary Payer, IFSP Service, and Service Record Part C profiles:

  • Removed the Primary Payer profile from the District of Columbia state model and is no longer referred in any profile, document template, or report.

  • All the profiles, document templates, or reports using Primary payer data will default to use the Primary Payer associated with the Student’s Insurance Provider covering the IFSP Service duration or evaluation dates on IFSP Services and Evaluation Requests Part C profile respectively. Users can update the Primary Payer to something other than the default primary payer associated with the Insurance provider.

  • While adding a service on IFSP Document, Services section, the system will set the default the Primary payer associated with the Insurance provider who covered the IFSP Date. However, users will be able to change the Primary Payer if needed.

  • Improving Service Record Capture for Part C, a new validation is introduced on Service Capture, which will restrict users from logging Service Records with overlapping durations on a given date. The system will show the user a validation if the Service record being logged is overlapping the duration of an existing service record.


Updates to Referral Intake Form

Made the following changes to the Referral Intake Form document:

  • Insurance Provider's information must be added while submitting the referral for the child.

  • Users can now add multiple insurance providers with non-overlapping durations with existing Insurance providers. At least one Insurance provider is required to be added to save and finalize the document.

  • Upon creation of the document, the Insurance Information will be auto-populated if the child has an insurance provider added to the Insurance Information Part C profile and there is an insurance provider which covers the current date of when the document is added or modified.

  • This change will allow the user to see the current PowerSchool Special Programs insurance provider from a previous referral process, if any.

  • Users can now modify the insurance information, possibly ending the record if the insurance has expired. On finalization of the document, the Insurance Information Part C profile will be updated with the details.


IFSP Services Profile and Provider Request Report Updates

Made the following changes to the IFSP Services Part C profile:

  • The user can now add notes or additional information using the new Notes field. Notes are optional to save the IFSP Service record.

  • The user can now attach documents to the IFSP services record. Users can add multiple attachments. Attachments are optional to add while saving the IFSP service.

  • The user must select a Company if the Assignment Type is set as Assigned. When the user selects a Company Name, the system will not allow the user to remove the Assignment Type or set it to New or ReAssignment Needed,

Made the following changes to the Provider Request report:

  • The Provider Request Report is available under the Part C Company Reports standard report category. It has a new column, Notes, to show the Notes added on the IFSP Part C service where the given provider is assigned as an Early Interventionist.


Part C PWN/Consent for Initial Evaluation Document Updates

Made the following changes to the PWN/Consent For Initial Evaluation document:

  • The user will not be allowed to create the PWN/Consent for Initial Evaluation if the child has no Referral Part C record or the latest referral has the Status as Rejected. The user will see a validation message as Cannot create the document as a child does not have an approved referral, if no valid referral is available for the child.

  • The user will not be allowed to select the Did not respond checkbox on the document once the Parent/Guardian has signed the PWN/Consent document and the consent response (approved or denied) is captured on document in the review status.


Translation Request Profile, Translation and Interpretation Request Report Updates

Made the following changes to the Translation Request Part C profile:

  • Changed the profile name to Translation/Interpreter Part C from Translation Requests Part C.

  • The Translation or Interpretation request record will show the insurance provider covering the request duration. When a new record is added, the default Primary Payer linked to the insurance provider will be displayed as read-only. If there is no primary payer value found, the user can save the record with a blank Primary Payer and a warning message Primary Payer is missing will be displayed to the user. To add or change the Primary Payer, the user needs to edit the record. While editing the profile record, the user can select Primary Payer from the primary Payer drop-down list and save it with the Translation or Interpretation request data.

  • The Completion Status is now an optional field. Users can save the request without selecting the completion status. When Completion Status is selected as Completed or Assigned, the user must select a Staff using the staff lookup.

  • The profile has some UI changes to ensure proper placement of the closely related data together and ordered in terms of validations to be done on Assigned Staff and the Completion status.

  • Added new validation to ensure the Completion Date is on or before the current date and later than the Requested Date.

  • The system now validates when a new request is added Request Date cannot be a past date.

  • The Reason for Request list will be refined based on the request type. Only Documents Translation will be available as the Reason for Request if the Service Request is Translation. When the Service Request is Interpretation, the system displays the rest of the Reasons for Request, excluding Documents Translation. Reasons for Request are stored in the InterpreterTranslationReason keyword table.

Made the following changes to Translation and Interpretation Request Report:

  • The Last Name column will display Staff’s last name with a Suffix, if applicable. The column value format will be Last Name, Suffix.

  • The report will show the student’s latest Case Status from the Status History Part C profile.

  • The report will display all the Translation or Interpretation requests made within reporting duration based on the Date Requested. Only the requests with Date Requested before the Report’s End Date will be displayed on the report.

  • The Requestor Name column is placed after the Date Requested column on the report.

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