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SPSM-DC_23.8.2.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: August 23, 2023

Part B



Release Note


Contact Logs Profile

Updated the Contact Logs Part B and Contact Logs Part C profiles to change the sorting of the logs to display the most recent contact date at the top of the list.


IEP and Service Plan Documents

The user must complete the Document Delivery section when the IEP meeting reason is Initial IEP.

On the IEP and Service Plan documents, the system will allow the user to create the document for eligible students for special education who have not exited special education.


Final Eligibility Determination Report

Made the following changes to the Final Eligibility Determination Report document:

  • The user cannot create the document if the latest Referrals Part B profile has Referral Reason as Initial Evaluation and the Consent, Consent Response value is NOT Consent Granted. The following message appears for the user: Unable to create the Final Eligibility Report as the student’s Referral Part B Initial Evaluation does not have Parental Consent Granted.

  • When the user creates the Final Eligibility Determination Report document, the system will check the latest Referrals Part B profile record for Referral Reason to check the type of evaluation as Initial Evaluation Or Re-evaluation. If the student has a Referrals Part B record with a Referral Reason drop-down list value of Initial Evaluation, the document will check the Initial Evaluation checkbox. If the Referrals Part B record with a Referral Reason drop-down list value of Reevaluation, the document will have the Reevaluation checkbox selected. The user will not be able to edit the checkboxes.


Postion to Security Group Mapping

Updated the Profile Update Scripts so that the security group School Special Education Coordinator is assigned to Staff who have been assigned a School Special Education Coordinator position.

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