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SPSM-DC_23.9.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: September 8, 2023

Part B



Release Note


AltAssessRejection Keyword Table

Made the following changes to the AltAssessRejection keyword table, which is used in the Alternate Assessments Part B profile:

  • Added two new values as per the District of Columbia requirements.

  • Updated the text of existing values.


IEP Document and Special Education Profile

Made the following changes to the Special Education profile:

  • Moved the Initial IEP Date field to the IEP Timelines section. It was placed under Part C to Part B transition section of the profile earlier.

  • The Initial IEP Date will be updated with the IEP meeting date from the IEP document, where Meeting Reason = Initial IEP and the parent or guardian has approved the IEP.


Stepwell Student Import Report

  • Updated the Stepwell Student Import Report to share the list of active students with Stepwell.

  • The selection criteria of the report are updated to list the students who exited special education or students with active Individualised Education Program or Service Plan or students with approved referrals.


New Script to Auto-Deactivate/Deactivate a Student

Created a new script named Part B Activate/Deactivate Students. 

  • The script will run daily and deactivate the student when the Demographic Part B Enrollment Exit Date is less than today’s date or when the Special Education Exit Date is less than today’s date. 

  • The script will reactivate the student if the Demographic Part B Enrollment Exit Date has a blank end date or a future date and where the Special Education Exit Date is blank.

  • The script was deployed as disabled.


Individualized Education Program (IEP) Document

  • When Parent/Guardian changes are made in the Student Contacts profile, the applicable changes to the IEP Cover page Meeting Participants section will be updated for Draft status IEP documents. Documents in Review and Finalize status will not be updated.

  • The system will display a message at the top of the IEP cover page indicating Parent/Guardian Information is changed. Users must edit the document to see the updated Parent/Guardian list on the Meeting Participants table. The user shall select the Attendance option if any new parent or guardian is added. If the attendance signatures are captured for other existing Meeting Participants and a new parent or guardian is added after the student contacts are updated, the document must be re-submitted for digital signatures.

  • Resolved an issue where the user was restricted from finalizing the IEP due to IEP Service dates mismatched when the user had updated the IEP meeting date on the cover page. The system now validates the IEP service dates based on the updated IEP Meeting Date to ensure all services fall within the IEP duration.


Individualized Education Program

Made the following changes to validate the student’s latest eligibility status to create an IEP document:

  • When the user attempts to create an IEP document, the system will validate if the Eligibility Outcome available on the Special Education Part B profile, Eligibility Determination section, is set to Eligible and allows the User to create the IEP document.

  • If the Eligibility Outcome under the Eligibility Determination section of the Special Education Part B profile is not set to Eligible, the user will not be allowed to create the document. The system will display a message indicating that the IEP cannot be created.


Staff Position of School Special Education POC is now transformed to School Special Education Coordinator

The OSSE-supplied Staff position of School Special Education POC is now transformed to 67 (School Special Education Coordinator).

Part C



Release Note


Part C Medicaid Claims Report

Updated the Part C Medicaid Claims Report to display the correct details for the staff speciality.

Speciality detail will be retrieved based on the IFSP Service Type linked to the given Services Record and the respective discipline with code matching to the IFSP service type. The system will identify the IFSP Service (for example, Developmental Therapy) associated with the Service Records Part C. Then match the ServiceCode value from PartCIFSPServiceType keyword table (for example, DT) and then locate the matching DiscCode in the Discipline keyword table.

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