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Student Input for Summary of Performance

This page allows the student to provide input on their academic achievement and functional performance, as well as their goals and aspirations for the future. 

Student Input for Summary of Performance

  1. Select a student on the Students panel.

  2. Click the Documents icon for the student.

  3. From the Create New Document drop-down list, select Student Input for Summary of Performance from Individualized Education Plan, and click Go.

  4. Enter a Label/Comment and click New. Click Additional Settings to specify the year and sections to include.

  5. In the Student Information section, The system auto-populates the following information:

    • From the Student Info/Demo Part B profile: 

      • Student

      • USI

      • DOB

      • Primary Language

      • Telephone

      • Address

    • From the LEA Entry/Exit Part B profile:

      • Grade

      • Enrollment Exit Date

    • From the Special Education Part B profile:

      • Case Manager

      • Last Eligibility Meeting Date

      • Last IEP Annual Review Meeting Date

      • Primary Disability

    • From the Student Contacts Part B profile:

      • Parent/Guardian Name: Displays only the parent's or guardian's name with Educational Rights selected. The user must select at least one parent or guardian.

      • Home Phone

  6. In the LEA Information section:

    • The system auto-populates the following information:

      • From the LEA Entry/Exit Part B profile:

        • School Site

      • From the Locations profile:

        • School Address

        • School Phone

    • Select a name from the staff table using the lookup function, or type a free-form name in the Official Completing SOP field.

    • The system populates a date in the Date Completed field when the user finalizes the document.

  7. From Student Input, the system provides long stylized text boxes to answer the following five questions:

    • How does your disability affect your academic work and school activities (such as grades, relationships, assignments, projects, communication, time on tests, mobility, extra-curricular activities)?

    • What supports have been tried by teachers or by you to help you succeed in school (aids, adaptive equipment, physical accommodations, other services)?

    • Which accommodations and supports worked best for you?

    • Which accommodations and supports have not worked for you?

    • What strengths and needs should professionals know about you as you enter the postsecondary education or work environment?

  8. Click Save, Done Editing.

  9. Finalize the document when completed. To finalize the document, click Set Document, select Status from Draft to Final, and then click Accept.

Document Delivery

The Document Delivery section provides the method and date the document was sent to the parent or guardian and their response to the document.

  1. Within the Student Input for Summary of Performance document, navigate to Document Delivery using the flyout menu.

  2. Select a Mode of Delivery.

  3. Enter a date manually or select a date using the calendar icon in the Date of Delivery field.

  4. Click Save, Done Editing.

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