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SPSM-DE_21.1.1.0 Release Notes

Delaware Release Dates



Release Note

SPEDSM-36905ESY Services displaying in new IEP

Fixed an issue when creating a new IEP which has an ESY services table with many rows of information. The rows were also duplicated many times based on the number of previous IEPs a student had. Removed the property for "flow child profiles to child documents" for the ESY services child template so these rows will not appear when creating a new IEP. (No support case)

SPEDSM-35901IEP > Disability Start and End Dates

Updated the Disability Start and End Dates on the IEP so that they no longer appear when "Generate PDF" is used.

Support case: 05350030.

SPEDSM-36537IEP > Needs: Annual Goal

Fixed an issue with the Needs - Annual Goal section of the IEP. When the Related Services checkbox is selected, the textboxes and service information under Statement of Services will not appear. However, the text "See Related Services Page" will appear beside the Statement of Services title.
If the Related Services box is not selected, then the textboxes and service information under Statement of Services will appear, and the text "See Related Services Page" will not appear.

Support case: 05289969. 

SPEDSM-35548IEP > Prior Written Notice

Updated the Prior Written Notice section of the IEP so that the Reading Based ESY Services repeating row ESY displays with the same wording from the Additional Considerations section.

Support case 05337758.

SPEDSM-34970Invitation to Meeting is required before IEP creation

Updated the IEP so that it requires students to have an Invitation to Meeting document with a "Create Date" prior to the date the IEP was created.

Support case: 05323222.

SPEDSM-36489Staff Profile

When Other is selected as the Position, a textbox will be provided to enter the specific staff position. (No support case).

SPEDSM-36538StudentContactRelType keyword table

Added CC - Care Provider as a keyword to the StudentContactRelType keyword table. Previously, users would get an error message when trying to import Student Contacts since this keyword did not exist in the DEMODEL.

Support case: 05263555.

SPEDSM-36991Other Staff Position

Updated the Other staff position so that when text is entered in the textbox for "Other", it will appear on all documents where Staff Position is shown. (No support case).

SPEDSM-37802IEP > Progress Report

Fixed an issue on the Progress Report section of the IEP so that dates cannot be entered next to the Activity Progress Updated field within the Transition Activity area.

Support case: 05409345.

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