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SPSM-DE_21.12.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: December 22, 2021



Release Note

SPEDSM-49864Disability keyword table

Updated PSSPEECH in the Disability keyword table to No for InUse.

Support Case: 05820702

SPEDSM-49879DOE SE Screen

Added the following additional fields on the DOE SE Screen to capture historical Special Education Status information; when students were referred and then immediately placed in Special Education, the referred status was not getting sent to eSchoolPlus:

  • Special Education Status
  • Referred Start Date
  • Referred End Date
  • Referred Exit Reason
  • PPPS Start Date
  • PPPS End Date
  • PPPS Exit Date 

These fields will display the most recent information for each of the Special Education statuses to be sent to eSchoolPlus.

Support Case: 05695610

SPEDSM-47704IEP: Additional Considerations section
  • Fixed an issue in the Additional Considerations section of the IEP where the ESY repeating rows were deleted when the parent declined. 
  • Edited a section action to delete ESY to prevent the ESY services from being deleted when a parent declines.

Support Case: 05722440

SPEDSM-48806IEP: Cover Sheet

Fixed an issue on the IEP Cover Sheet where Disability Start and End Dates were displayed when Generate PDF was used to print the document. The Disability Start and End Dates will no longer appear when generating a PDF of the IEP.

Support Case: 05519184

SPEDSM-47664Invitation to Meeting

Updated the Invitation to Meeting and data flow to the IEP document so that if IEP Revision or IEP Revision/Reevaluation Eligibility Determination is selected as the Meeting Type on the Invitation to Meeting, option 5 under "The purpose of this meeting is to:" will be required.

Support Case: 05552045

SPEDSM-47956Keyword Tables

Updated the following keyword tables to allow custom keywords to be added so that if changes are needed, the Immediate Sync option will be available in the DEDOEWORK app:

  • EnrollmentExitReason
  • Disability
  • Funding
  • SpecialEdExitReason
  • ZCalProgram
  • StatewideAssessment

Support Case: 05733572

SPEDSM-47706Revision IEP documents
  • Updated the Revision IEP Documents so that the following fields are no longer editable in the Cover Sheet when an IEP Revision is created:
    • IEP Meeting Date
    • IEP Initiation Date
    • Participants
  • Updated the PWN section of the IEP so that it will not allow changes on the following fields when an IEP Revision is created:
    • IEP Initiation Date
    • IEP End Date
    • Meeting Date

Support Case: 05323180

SPEDSM-49409StudentContactPhoneType keyword table and Student Demographics profile
  • Added a cell entry into the StudentContactPhoneType keyword table. 
  • Added an InUse column to the StudentContactPhoneType table and marked Mobile as No for InUse. 
  • Created a field for Email Address 2 under Contact Information in the Student Demographics profile. 
  • Updated the character limit to 255 in the Email Address field under Contact Information in the Student Demographics profile.

Support Case: 05800625


Participants on the IEP Cover Sheet section can't be modified for revisions.

When an IEP revision is made, you will not be able to add, delete, or insert participants in the Cover Sheet section.  

Support Case: 06057626


Revision IEP

The IEP Type field on the IEP cover sheet will be read-only when a revision is made.

Support Case: 06056657

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