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SPSM-DE_21.3.1.0 Release Notes

Delaware Release Dates



Release Note

SPEDSM-39428DOE SE Screen

Fixed an issue where inactive Related Services in the Student Services section will no longer appear on the DOE SE Screen.

Support Case: 05335104

SPEDSM-36856DOE SE Screen

Updated the DOE SE Screen so that the Special Ed Placement Ages 3-5 and Special Ed Placement Ages 6-21 fields will only display LRE information if the LRE is active. Previously, future LREs would also appear on the DOE SE Screen.

Support Case: 05379512

SPEDSM-25890IEP > Additional Considerations

Added the stylized text option to the ESYGoal long text field within the Additional Considerations section. Previously, the stylized text box did not appear as an option for the ESYGoal field.

Support Case: 05500218, 04989689, 04971489

SPEDSM-34662IEP > Progress Report

Updated the Progress Report section of the new IEP so that the "Prevent removal from document" is selected. Now, users can not remove the Progress Report section.

Support Case: 05312716

SPEDSM-25898IEP > Transition

Updated the Transition section of the IEP under Credits Earned Toward Graduation. When an option is selected from the Grade drop-down list, the Courses of Study (cumulative credits earned towards a year of graduation) and Credits Earned fields are mandatory.

Support Case: 04981895

SPEDSM-36490IEP Amendment - Add Participants and Signature Lines

Added the following participants to the IEP Amendment and configured them for DocuSign:

  • LEA Representative/Designee
  • General Education Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher or Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Career and Tech Education

Support Case: 05323180

SPEDSM-40141Invitation to Meeting

Updated the Invitation to Meeting document so that the Role/Position for LEA Representative/Designee appears correctly in View and Edit mode. Previously, the role only displayed "LEA Representative/Designee" when the "In Attendance" checkbox was selected.

Support Case: 05392573

SPEDSM-39012SpecialEdExitReason keyword table

Added an entry to the SpecialEdExitReason keyword table with the following specifications:

  • Keyword - NE_SE
  • ASE - No
  • Description - No Initial Eval Completed
  • eSchoolPLUSCode - NE
  • InUse - Yes
  • PPPS - No
  • REF - Yes
  • Status Table - SE

Support Case: 05074920

SPEDSM-39667Transfer Envelopes on Retired documents

Updated the Template Properties so that “Exclude From Transfer Envelopes” option is cleared within the following retired documents:

  • IEPPLUS Progress Report [IEPProgRep]
  • Imported File Attachment (IEP) [PDF_IEP]
  • Imported File Attachment (Gifted IEP) [PDF_GIEP]
  • Imported File Attachment (504 Plan) [PDF_504]

Support Case: 05201374, 05218584

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