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SPSM-DE_21.5.1.0 Release Notes

Delaware Release Dates



Release Note

SPEDSM-37037Amended IEP Cover Page

Fixed an issue on the IEP Cover Page when an amendment is made. When an amendment is made to an IEP, the IEP Amendment section is created. If changes are made to the IEP Amendment section, the Cover Page will not be updated with those changes.

SPEDSM-37777Data Flow from Invitation to Meeting to IEP

Fixed the following issues that were occurring with the data flow from the Invitation to Meeting (NOM) to the IEP:

  • If “Speech and Language Pathologist” was selected on the NOM and the NOM was finalized, the same position for that staff member was not displaying on the IEP Cover Page. Previously, users were required to select the "Speech and Language Pathologist" checkbox on the Cover Page and select the staff person again.
  • Data flow for any meeting participants entered using lookup/non-lookup now flows correctly when entered on the NOM, and the NOM is finalized. The meeting participants will now flow to the IEP.
SPEDSM-41615EnrollmentExitReason Keyword Table

Added an entry for 9614 - To Sussex Montessori Charter into the EnrollmentExitReason keyword table.

SPEDSM-41614Initial Referral Timeline

Updated the data flow so that when data is entered into the Initial Referral Timeline profile, it will flow to the Initial Special Education Eligibility Important Dates on the Student Special Education profile and the DOE Special Education screen. This will require users to update only the Initial Referral Timeline profile so that the entries made will also match the Student Special Education profile and DOE Special Education screen.

SPEDSM-39796Medicaid Eligibility profile

Updated the sort order of the records displayed on the Medicaid Eligibility profile to display them in the most recent to oldest order. This change was done to match the way records are sorted in eSchoolPlus. Additionally, the IntegrationIDT field no longer appears in the Medicaid Eligibility Profile.

SPEDSM-43229Notice of Meeting

Fixed an issue on the Notice of Meeting when a location in the "Please Return To" area was manually updated. The student's Home Building would populate in the field once the Notice of Meeting was finalized. Now, if a location is manually entered for the "Please Return To," it will remain on the Notice of Meeting after the document is finalized.

SPEDSM-42049Special Education Exit Reason

Updated the SpecialEdExitReason table to make the "Graduated with a Certificate of Performance" (C_PPPS) option set to No for InUse. Previously, this option was displayed when selecting a Special Education Exit Reason from the Special Education Status profile.

SPEDSM-33654Statement Bank icon on long-text fields

Removed the Statement Bank icon from long-text fields. Previously, long-text fields would display the Statement Bank icon. This was because some Statement Banks existed before this function was disabled in the Delaware model.

Note: A model update had run a script to remove Statement Banks on all LEA databases on 5/10/2021.

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