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SPSM-DE_21.8.1.0 Release Notes

Delaware Release Dates



Release Note


DOE SE Screen

Updated the DOE SE Screen so that the Related Service Code fields use the Globals.EffectiveDate in the calculation formula. Previously, the Current Date was used in the calculation formula for the Related Service Code fields.

Support Case: 05335104, 05641459


Ended Disability on IEP

Fixed an issue in the IEP where if a student has a disability with an end date in the past, it will no longer appear in the printed version of the IEP. Previously, students could have two primary disabilities displayed in the IEP if one of the disabilities had already ended.

Support Case: 05517184


IEP Plus Reports A: 12-Month

Fixed an issue in the IEP Plus Reports A, 12-Month report where the Needs-Based Funding field would not populate. Previously, the report used the FundNeedsCat. field, but the DOE Screen displayed the FundingCategory field. The report will now use the FundingCategory field so that data is populated in the Needs-Based Funding field of the report.

Support Case: 05612436


IEP Revision

Fixed an issue on the IEP when a revision is made and finalized, it would duplicate the services in the Student Services profile. Now, when an IEP Revision is done and services are updated after the IEP Revision is finalized, the Student Services profile will not show the services as duplicated.

Support Case: 05710822


Initial Referral Timeline immediate sync

Updated the Initial Referral Timeline so that it will automatically flow to the Student Special Education when a record is entered. Previously, a nightly script would run to have the data flow from the Initial Referral Timeline.

Support Case: 05645535

SPEDSM-43703Retired Imported File Attachment (IEP)

Updated the retired Imported File Attachment (IEP) document so that the CanStream field is set to False to prevent document streaming for this document.

Support Case: 05529108


Student Services profile

Fixed an issue in the Student Services profile so that any ESY Services entered do not flow to the DOE SE Screen. Previously, blank rows were displayed on the DOE SE Screen for any ESY Services entered.

Support Case: 05567025

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