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SPSM-DE_22.11.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: November 11, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-41049Copy Information from Other Document on IEP

Resolved an issue so that when Copy Information from Other Document is selected when creating a new IEP, none of the fields from sections not selected to copy are populated. It was updated by creating new fields for IEPInitiationDate, IEPEndDate, and IEPMeetingDate in the Transition Section are different from those fields on the Cover Sheet.

SPEDSM-63839Data flow from IEP to Special Education Profile

Updated the data flow from the IEP so that when an IEP is finalized, the Eligibility box in the Special Education student's profile will be automatically selected to indicate that the student is Eligible.

Support Case: 06424964

SPEDSM-66300IEP: Data Considerations and Transition Sections
  • Updated the long text fields on the Data Considerations and Transition sections of the IEP so that there is an option to attach images within the text fields. 
  • When clicking on the stylized text option in the long text fields, there is an icon for Insert Image. Users can insert images by choosing a file, or the pasted image can be selected and pasted into the field.
SPEDSM-69940Invitation to Meeting

Resolved an issue on the Invitation to Meeting document where the School Name appeared incorrectly in View mode or during Printing. It was resolved by removing the N modifier from the {SchoolDistrictlk:NO"SchoolDistricttxt"} field.

Support Case: 06706206

SPEDSM-65544Languages Keyword Table

Updated the Languages keyword table to make it admin-editable. It will allow new keywords to be added to the keyword table.

Support Case: 06315723

SPEDSM-70973MarkingPeriodTable Keyword Table

Added a column for School Year to the MarkingPeriodTable keyword table. It was added so that if a Marking Period has the data type as School Year for this new column, those Marking Periods will not get rolled over during the end-of-year rollover process.

Support Case: 05658044

SPEDSM-69510Related Services Profile Data Flow to IEP

Updated the data flow for the Related Services Profile so that it no longer flows from the Related Services profile into the IEP. It was causing all prior year’s Related Services to display on the IEP.

Support Case: 06694711

SPEDSM-66521Student ID

Updated the ID field in the Student Demographics Profile so that a PowerSchool ADMIN can only edit it with the ADMIN password. Previously, this field was editable by other security groups, causing issues.

Support Case: 06561065

SPEDSM-69879Student Services Profile Duplicate Cleanup

Removed duplicate Related Services from the Student Services profile that were inadvertently created before the fix was made in SPEDSM-47456. It was accomplished by creating a profile update script.

Support Case: 05795562 and 06119995

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