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SPSM-DE_22.2.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: February 25, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-55826IEP: Prior Written Notice

Fixed an issue with the Prior Written Notice section. Users will now see Parent/Guardian as an option in the drop-down list for students that are 15 years old. Previously, the drop-down would list Adult Student as an option.

Support Case: 06106212

SPEDSM-52748IEP: Prior Written Notice

Updated the retired section of the Prior Written Notice section so that the Parent checkboxes are no longer editable. Issues were reported when users would inadvertently clear the Parent checkboxes in the Prior Written Notice section, which removed them from the Cover Sheet.

This change was previously made on new documents, but not on existing documents.

Support Case: 05891627

SPEDSM-51666LRE Profile

Updated the property Child Document Data history Enabled to “Yes” for the LRE Profile section. This update fixes an issue where LRE history from previous IEPs would not retain because this property was not set.

Support Case: 05879657

SPEDSM-53708Notice of Meeting must be finalized before IEP creation

Updated document actions so that an IEP is not created until a Notice of Meeting is finalized for a student.

Support Case: 05940011

SPEDSM-53956Student Profile: LREs

Fixed an issue on the LREs section of the Student Profile where Duplicate LREs were displayed. This was happening when an IEP was unfinalized and re-finalized.

Support Case: 06055299

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