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SPSM-DE_22.5.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: May 31, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-53008Disability, Funding Category, and Initial Referral Timeline profiles

Updated the Disability, Funding Category, and Initial Referral Timeline profiles to enable Data Flow History.

Support Case: 05923174

SPEDSM-61113eSchoolPLUS Student SE Status (studentIEPStatus) export

Updated the student selection formula on the eSchoolPLUS Student SE Status (studentIEPStatus) export report. It was done to resolve an issue where students with a blank or null value for SpecialEducationExitReason.eSchoolPLUSCode were excluded from the report even if they met the requirement for SpecialEducationExitReas.eSchoolPLUSCode <> DNQ>.

Support Case: 06180849

SPEDSM-60095ESYService keywrod table

Updated the INSESY keyword in the ESYService keyword table to set InUse to Yes.

Support Case: 06161864

SPEDSM-50674Expired Funding Categories and Disabilities
  • Resolved an issue on the DOE Special Education Screen where the expired disabilities and funding categories would appear.
  • When a disability or funding category is expired, it no longer appears on the DOE Special Education screen.
SPEDSM-56706IEP Meeting Date on IEP Revisions

Made the following updates to resolve an issue where IEP Revisions were created, and the IEP Meeting date was not updated to the Annual IEP Meeting date:

  • The IEP Meeting Date field on the NOM will flow to the IEP Amendment section when a revision is created. This field will be in read-only mode.

  • Changed the field label from Revision Date to Revision Meeting Date in the IEP Amendment section.

  • The Revision Meeting Date field will flow from the most current NOM with the Meeting Type of IEP Revision or IEP Revision/Reevaluation Eligibility Determination.

Support Case: 06105398

SPEDSM-53099Notice of Meeting (NOM) and IEP Creation Dates

Created a new report that will display the Notice of Meeting creation and finalization dates as well as the IEP creation and finalization dates. The other fields included in the report are:

  • Student ID
  • Student Last Name
  • Student First Name
  • NOM Creation Date
  • NOM Meeting Type
  • Meeting Date
  • NOM Finalization Date
  • IEP Creation Date
  • IEP Meeting Type
  • IEP Finalization Date

The new report is named NOM and IEP Creation Dates and is available under the Public Document Reports category.

Support Case: 05925331

SPEDSM-60526Notice of Meeting (NOM) data flowing to IEP

Resolved an issue so that when a NOM is created, if an IEP is created with the same meeting type as the NOM, the data flows to the IEP. Previously, when a revision was made on a NOM, the data would not flow to the IEP.

SPEDSM-51700Special Placements Document

Created a new document titled Special Placements to allow users to fill out relevant information for students located in one of the following locations:

  • Alternative School
  • Early Childhood Program
  • Home School
  • ICT - Interagency Collaborative Team Placement
  • Parentally Placed Private School
  • Special Programs

Once this document is finalized, the data will flow to the respective child profiles and the DOE Special Education Screen.

Support Case: 05877095

SPEDSM-61048SpecialEdExitReason keyword table

Updated the SpecialEdExitReason keyword table so that the Did not Qualify option is selected as No for InUse. This update will prevent this option from being selected when entering a student’s Special Education Status.

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