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SPSM-DE_22.8.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: August 26, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-65334Allow File Attachments

Updated the template properties for each of the document templates so that the template option Allow File Attachments is selected. It will allow users to upload file attachments related to each of the document templates.

Support Case: 06249093

SPEDSM-59420IEP: Cover Sheet

Updated the validation message on the Cover Sheet section of the IEP. The message appears as IEP End Date should be 364 days or less than the IEP Meeting Date. Previously, this message would appear as, IEP End Date should be less than 364 days.

Support Case: 06203777

SPEDSM-53530IEP: Cover Sheet

Updated the IEP Cover Sheet so that users are required to add a primary disability to the Disabilities field.

Support Case: 05932820

SPEDSM-53111IEP: Prior Written Notice

Removed the Office Use Only area from the IEP Prior Written Notice section. It was editable when an IEP was finalized. Now, when an IEP is finalized, the Prior Written Notice section will not have Edit This Section available.

SPEDSM-55462Notice of Meeting (NOM)

Added a validation message to the NOM document when a student is not in grade eight or above or 14 years of age or older and option four is selected.

Support Case: 06091898

SPEDSM-55461Student Services and Student Services Summary Profiles
  • Updated the Student Services and Student Services Summary profiles so that the services are sorted by newest service.
  • Updated a property named Sort Order to ServiceStartDate (descending) so that services appear with the newest services at the top.

Support Case: 05901202

SPEDSM-49522Student Services Profile duplicate cleanup

Removed duplicate Related Services from the Student Services profile that were inadvertently created before the fix was made in SPEDSM-47456. It was accomplished by creating a profile update script.

Support Case: 05795562 and 06119995

SPEDSM-56671StudentContactPhoneType keyword table

Added values for Notice, Other, and Pager to the StudentContactPhoneType keyword table. Users should note that these values are marked No for In Use, so they cannot select these options. It will prevent errors in the eSchoolPLUS - StudentContactImport (model) import file.

Support Case: 05800625

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