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SPSM-DE_23.4.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: April 25, 2023



Release Note


District Keyword Table

Updated the District Keyword Table to add entries for new districts - Bryan Allen Stevenson School of Excellence and Prison Education.

Support Case# 07011353


Draft Watermark on IEP

Resolved an issue on the IEP where the Draft Watermark was displaying on some sections and should not. The Draft Watermark will not appear on the following sections of the IEP:

  • IEP Cover Sheet

  • Least Restrictive Environment

  • Prior Written Notice

  • IEP Amendment


IEP, Data Considerations

Removed the Note on the Data Considerations section of the IEP indicating that long text fields do not support images. An update was made so that images can be attached within long text fields on the Data Considerations section of the IEP.

Support case# 07056834



Added LogType, ProfileType, and ImportExportName as searchable fields under Integration Logs.

Support case# 06843432


PWN Section of the IEP and standalone PWN documents

Updated the verbiage on the Prior Written Notice section of the IEP and the standalone Prior Written Notice documents to match the legislation changes. The documents were updated respectively when Adult Student, Parent/Guardian, or Adult Student and Parent/Guardian were selected.

Support case# 07023475


Timeframe Between Evaluation and Identification Report

Updated the Timeframe Between Evaluation and Identification report so that it uses fields that are utilized within the DEMODEL. Previously, the report was using fields that are not used so the report was not pulling correct data.

Support Case# 05395694


Updates to Invitation to Meeting

Updated the Invitation to Meeting to revert the changes in There are no longer restrictions for users to check box 4 if the student is in 8th grade or higher or 14 years or older. Additionally, the CTE participant field is required for students that meet the age/grade criteria.

Support case# 06754182

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