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SPSM-DE_23.7.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: July 13, 2023



Release Note


Invitation to Meeting (NOM) Updates

Made the following changes to the NOM document:

  • Resolved an issue where the Career and Tech Education (CTE) participant field would require incorrectly. 

  • Added reminder with a tooltip to include a CTE participant. It will only be displayed if the student is 13 years or older or in 7th grade or above during the IEP period. The CTE participant field is mandatory for students who meet the age or grade criteria.

Support Case: 06754182


PWN Standalone and Section of the IEP: Digital Signature Causing Data Issues in the View Mode

Modified the configuration of the Digital Signature, which would prevent the display of data in view mode on the IEP's PWN section and the standalone PWN document.
Retired the following sections from the IEP:

  • Cover Sheet

  • IEP Amendment 2021

  • LRE

The user can update an IEP document in Draft or Review status by adding new sections using the Set Document, Sections option and then saving the page. The user must also remove any retired sections that were affected.
For finalized IEP documents, users must create a Revision or Unfinalize the document before updating. Then the user can add new sections and remove any retired sections that were affected.
Users can create a Revision or Unfinalize the document for standalone PWN documents.
This issue combines the following ticket:

  • SPEDSM-82911

Support Case: 07124902 

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