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SPSM-GA_22.7.1.0 Release Notes

Release date: July 29, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-63149Digital Signature
  • Added Digital Signature functionality to the following documents:
    • Electronic Signature Form
    • Individualized Education Program
    • Low Vision Evaluation (LVE) Pre-Clinic Screening
    • Low Vision Evaluation (LVE) Report
    • Medicaid Consent
    • Parent Consent for Excusal from IEP Meeting
    • Parental Consent for Placement
    • Parental Consent To Evaluate
    • Plan of Care
    • Private School Consultation Affirmation
    • Reevaluation
    • Reevaluation Waiver
    • Revocation of Consent for the Provision of Special
    • Special Education Eligibility Report
    • Summary of Performance
  • Moved the ‘Office Use Only’ portions of the above documents to a separate ‘Office Use Only’ section, which will be available and editable once the document has been finalized.
SPEDSM-62981Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Removed a requirement in the Assessment Determinations section that forced users to provide an accommodation in order to save the document.

SPEDSM-62331Keyword Tables
  • Made the following keyword tables as Administrator Editable and added an ‘InUse’ column:
    • Presentation
    • Setting
    • Timing/Scheduling
    • Response
  • Marked the following values in the ‘explainparapharase’ keyword table as 'No’:
    • GMOnline
    • GMPaper
SPEDSM-59222Reevaluation Data Review form

When the Reevaluation Data Review form is finalized with Option A selected, the form’s date will flow to the following student profile fields:

  • Eligibility Date
  • Date of Eligibility/Redetermination Date
  • Projected Date of Eligibility/Redetermination Due Date
SPEDSM-62910Section504 Plan
  • Fixed an issue with the screen width that required users to scroll left/right to view the page.
  • Fixed an issue where users could incorrectly select more than one checkbox.
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