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SPSM-GA_23.10.1.0 Release Notes

Release date: October 20, 2023



Release Note


AccessForELLAccommodations Keyword

Added Repeat in-person human reader (RP) description in AccessForELLAccommodations keyword. Updated the keyword table “PersonnelPositions” columns Five04 and IEP with admin-editable permission.


Behavior Intervention Plan Alert

  • Updated the Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) to display an alert if a student's Profile has a 'BehavInterPlanDate' within 364 days of today and the student has not exited.

  • Removed the BIP alert if the student's IEP meeting date is within 364 days of the profile's Behavior Inter Plan Date, the student has not exited, the “Consideration of Special Factors” checkbox is not selected, and the {Consider_BehaviorDeveloped}

    = No.


Contact Logs Profile

Added the ability to attach files or multiple documents to the Contact Log Profile section through the new Source Documents field.


Document Deliveries Profile

Fixed Document Date dataflow for the following forms to address blank date issues:

  • ParentExit - Parent Letter Intervention (Exit): Data flows to Document Delivery.

  • REFERRAL - Referral: Data flows to Document Deliveries from the Prior Written Notice section.

  • SpEd_Elig - Special Education Eligibility Report: Data flows to Document Deliveries from the Prior Written Notice section.

  • IEP - Individualized Education Program: Data flows to Document Deliveries.


Document Delivery Profile

Fixed the empty value issue for the Document Date field in the Document Delivery Profile section for the following documents:

  • Reevaluation Data Review

  • Parent Letter for Intervention

  • Parent/Guardian Invite High School

  • Parent/Guardian Invite Elementary & Middle School


Global Profile Section

The Global profile should be used to determine the appropriate goals and objectives in the Individualized Education Program Annual Goals and Objectives section.

  • Updated the functionality to ensure Progress Reporting (Text) is selected in the IEP document when Globals is set to “Only Progress Reporting.”

  • Updated the IEP document to prevent changing "Progress Monitoring (Graph)" when Globals is set to "Only Progress Monitoring."

  • Updated validation to allow selection of "Progress Reporting (Text)" or "Progress Monitoring (Graph)" in IEP document only when neither IEPProgress Options choice is selected in Globals.


Individualized Education Program

Implemented an improved translation feature that can be used for any field as needed.


MeetingPurpose504 and MeetingPurpose Keyword Table

Added new descriptions in the Keyword table and made them visible for both MeetingPurpose504 and MeetingPurpose:

  • Initial

  • Annual Review

  • Reevaluation

  • Amendment

  • Other

  • Periodic

  • Manifestation Determination


Parental Consent To Evaluate Form

  • As per recent state compliance changes, retired the Description of Types of Evaluations document section and changed the Parent Consent to Evaluation section.

  • Added a Date of Birth field at the top of the page.

  • Included the District/LEA field to collect the student's district information.

  • Introduced a Student Name text field.

  • Added a Sign field for the Signature of School Personnel who receive it, as well as a date field indicating when it will be signed. This helps the district determine whether parents and staff agree to the evaluation or not.


WithdrawalCode Keyword

  • Added the following description to the WithdrawalCode keyword table:

    • Displaced due to a natural disaster.

    • Withdrew to TCSG Dual Achievement.

    • Dexter Mosely.

  • Updated the description from "Incarcerated" to "Incarcerated/Under Jurisdiction of Juvenile or Criminal Justice Authority.”

  • Updated the description from "Not subject to compulsory attendance" to "Age is less than six years old.”

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