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SPSM-ID_22.10.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: October 31, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-70528Consent for Assessment

Fixed an issue where there were identical checkboxes in the PARENT OR ADULT STUDENT APPROVAL area.

SPEDSM-70086Eligibility Report

Added functionality so that staff can sign using Digital Signature.


Added functionality so that parents (who have selected Receives Letters checkbox) and staff can sign using Digital Signature.

SPEDSM-70752IEP Team Member Excusal
  • Fixed an issue where the IEP team member being excused needed to sign the document. The District Administrator will now need to sign the document. 
  • Added a Lookup/Non-lookup functionality for the District Administrator.
SPEDSM-70824Office Use Only sections

Updated the following documents so that the Office Use Only section is included when the document is created:

  • Authorization for Exchange of Confidential Student
  • Consent for Assessment (CFA)
  • Determination of Need for Surrogate Parent
  • Revocation of Consent for Special Ed & Related Svc)
  • Section 504 - Plan
  • Written Notice for Discontinuation of Services

The Office Use Only section will be editable only after the document has been finalized.

SPEDSM-70087Parent Letter for Intervention (Entrance)

Added an acknowledgment or permission checkbox at the bottom of the three Parent Letter sections.

SPEDSM-71315Section 504 - Eligibility

Fixed an issue where the Follow-up Eligibility Meeting Date was auto-calculated to be one year minus one day after the Section 504 Eligibility Meeting Date. It is now three years minus one day after the Section 504 Eligibility Meeting Date.

SPEDSM-70089Section 504 - Plan

Added functionality for participants to sign and for a parent to give or deny consent using Digital Signature.

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