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SPSM-ID_22.6.1.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: June 23, 2022



Release Note

SPEDSM-52897Authorization for Exchange of Confidential Student Information document

Updated the Authorization for Exchange of Confidential Student Information document to meet state guidelines.

SPEDSM-62788Digital Signature

Added Digital Signature functionality to the Consent for Assessment document.


Added a new section named Amendment IEP (for Transferred Students) to the IEP.

This new section can be used when changes need to be made to the IEP of a student who has transferred in, but the student's IEP is unavailable in the new school's system.

In such a situation, users can select the Amendment IEP (for Transferred Students) section during a new IEP Setup.

In this new section, users should select the sections of the transferred student's IEP that they wish to update. The user will only need to update the selected sections on this page. Users will then be able to save the IEP without errors they would normally get when trying to save an IEP with incomplete sections.

In short, users will not need to make an entire IEP to make some minor changes to a transferred student's IEP.

When printing the IEP, only the updated sections will be printed along with this new Amendment IEP (for Transferred Students) section and the cover page.

SPEDSM-53719Individualized Distance Learning Plan

Added a new document titled Individualized Distance Learning Plan (IDLP) to the IEP category.

SPEDSM-53717Referral To Consider a Special Ed Evaluation document

Updated the Referral To Consider a Special Ed Evaluation document to meet state guidelines.

SPEDSM-60637Student Profile

Modified the Student Profile so that it is updated from the Revocation of Consent for Special Ed & Related Svc document (field: Date special education and related services terminated).

When the date flows from the document to the Student Profile, the Special Education Exit Reason (on the student profile) will be set as Revoked Consent.  

Dataflow will occur when saving the "Office Use Only" section.

SPEDSM-52082Student Profile - Special Education Information

Resolved an issue where the disability field in the Student Profile was getting cleared out when a student was considered ineligible after a reevaluation.

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